Time Worn Stairs of Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Old town Dubrovnik has thousands of stairs with everyone upstaging the other with fancy entryways and flowered pots. This was an arduous climb, going up and down each corridor looking for the most photogenic doors and stairways. But I was determined to find them all one by one. I usually come back from these photo excursions, losing weight. I guess there’s easier ways to do it, just not as much fun. Dubrovnik is one of those places you wish you had a week, just to try all the different fancy outdoor restaurants that line the cobblestone breezeways.

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Stairways in Dubrovnik Croitia

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2 thoughts on “Time Worn Stairs of Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. Dubrovniklady

    Last year there was a group who documented the steps in Dubrovnik. The city wall has 1080, the entire area within the walls has a grand total of 5,395. That is the reason there locals are trim and fit.

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