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Kapoho Tide Pools on the Big Island

Daily Photo:

You may be wondering what the heck this is, but be assured it’s all part of the lifestyle along the coast at Kapoho on the Big Island south of Hilo. Homes along the volcanic coast, dig out their backyards and volcanic heat  seeps up through the ground heating these tide pools. Nothing like a nice warm pool in your backyard. The tide rolls in keeping a nice balance of hot and cold. As you’re standing in one of these tide pools you can feel the heat coming up from the floor of the pool. They all have fish in them and a variety of other sea creatures. One pool we were in, would trap sea turtles that would hang out until the tide rose again. It was fun swimming with them. The mix of fresh and salt water caused the water to be brackish and that made for some interesting underwater distortions in vision. Kinda cool!

Kapoho Tide Pools
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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The Carson Mansion-Ingomar Club, Eureka, California

Daily Photo:

One of the greatest examples of late 1800’s Victorian-style architecture, the Carson Mansion has been renovated back to it’s original character and is owned by the Ingomar Club. A gentlemen’s club of high local society. Another words-no woman allowed! Now I don’t pretend to know what goes on in a gentleman’s club, but I remember the scene from the “Titanic”, where the men got together for drinks and cigars, discussing how to take over the world. A lot of money has been spent to keep this glorious estate looking as fabulous as it is.

The Victorian era must have been an amazing time to be alive. Back then people thought they were at the pinnacle of invention. I once read that the government back then talked of closing the patent office, because everything that was ever to be invented had already been invented. Boy were they wrong!

Carson Mansion
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Daily Photo:

The picturesque cliff-towns along the Ligurian Sea make up an area called Cinque Terre. Five towns along the Italian riviera welcome visitors to a unique world of discovery that dates back a 1000 years. More Americans are showing up here to spend a week hiking the trails that hug the coastline for some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Breathtaking views at every turn and with the train going between each of the towns every 10 minutes, when you get tired of hiking, grab a train and you’re back to your hotel in a flash.

During the days in Cinque Terre, we would scope out vistas to photograph at sunset, and then return to grab the shot. Afterwords we would sit out at one of the local restaurants and enjoy a meal under the stars. The weather for us was perfect and the fall is a great time to visit. Crowds are less and rooms are much cheaper. You need a week to really do this place right. And my suggestion is stay in a little beach town close by called Levanto.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Quiet Morning in Venice

Daily Photo:

Nothing like a crisp clear morning in Venenzia! Wandering around the walkways and canals, looking for a small outdoor cafe or bakery to sit and relax and enjoy the quiet. Mm.. quiet, Venice is not! How nice that would be, but the canals are typically bustling with activity, people going to work, boats bringing in supplies, kids off to school, saws and hammers pounding away. You have to dig deeper into the backstreets and corridors to find some possible quiet. It’s there somewhere, and it’s nice when you find it! For an impatient photographer looking for the next award winning shot, you don’t sit still long. Of the zillions of photographs taken of Venice, you think you’re going to get that exceptional fine art shot. One can only hope, but in the end, it’s really more about the experience of being there and enjoying the moment..and sharing!

Quiet Morning in Venice
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Kayaking The Wailua River, Kauai

Daily Photo:

On our trip last week to Kauai, we decided it was time to navigate the Wailua River in a kayak. We had been to Kauai a number of times and don’t know why we hadn’t done it sooner, because it was a blast. The goal is to row up to a drop-off point, hike a mile into the jungle to a secret falls, and then row back out another mile to the ocean. Sad to say I didn’t take my pro photo gear with me, because of the threat of getting it wet. We managed to get our lunch all the way to the falls without it getting wet, so the next time I’ll chance the trip with gear. It was awesome enough to catch some great shots. Scenery was out of this world and definitely something you ought to try if you get over there.

This shot was taken at a small loading ramp where we put in our kayaks. Straight out to the left is Smith’s Tropic Paradise where we went to a Luau the next day.

Kayaking the Wailua River
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smith’s Tropic Paradise, Kauai

In Kauai last week, took in a Luau at Smith’s Tropic Paradise. It had beautiful grounds to wander around for hours if you chose. I got there at a great time for photos. The clouds were very dramatic and lighting was perfect. A wedding had just commenced on this bridge, so when everyone cleared out I grabbed a chance to grab a few shots. Fabulous night, weather was perfect and a great spot to spend an evening, if you’re ever on the island of Kauai.

Japanese Bridge at Smith’s Tropic Paradise
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Wild Horses-Navajo Country, Arizona

Daily Photo:

They looked friendly enough. They lined up to pose for the stranger who stopped to take their picture. On the route to Lake Powell from Flagstaff you’ll see them roaming through the high desert with the red rock as a backdrop. They scare easy, so I moved slowly and as close as they would let me get. Most of the 20 or so ran off, but these 3 stayed long enough for a quick shot before moving on.

Wild Horses, Arizona

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Haboob- Impending Doom!!

I thought it would be fun to share with you what an Arizona Haboob looks like as it is happening. As I’m writing this it’s happening again in Phoenix. These photos were taken just now off my back patio and it was packing quite a punch. The winds and dust forced me in, but I managed to grab these photos. Otherwise known as a dust storm. They seem to have gained a new word -“Haboob”.

Arizona Haboob-3
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

Arizona Haboob-4
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

Arizona Haboob-5
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Rialto Bridge, Venice-HDR

A perfect spot to be in Venice is the Rialto Bridge. It seems to be in the center of it all and every tourist ends up there. We stayed at a hotel right off the bridge where we could sit and  immerse ourselves in it all. Was quite an experience and one we repeated many times in our favorite Europeans city. This HDR ended up being done with one photo due to the rocking of the Gondolas in the water.

Rialto Bridge
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Rocky Coast of Shell Beach, California

Daily Photo:

Sometimes seeing is not believing, because this night a few weeks ago while out on the California coast, I was hoping for a great glowing sunset that never happened. I had scouted out a spot that afternoon on some jagged rocks I figured would be the ideal vantage point for a sunset shot. Grey clouds moved in and that was that. I waited like I always do ’til the bitter end at this point which was pretty much dark. Behind me lights come on at this cliffside castle-looking home and an ever-so faint bit of pink showed up in the background. I thought with a long enough exposure and bracketed frames I could pull together an HDR shot. For a house that had gotten to dark to even see, the magic of light somehow shined through. It was one of my favorites from the trip. Pismo Beach shines with the anticipation of a 4th of July party in the far right background.

Shell Beach Castle
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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