A Rare Snowy Superstition Mountains

There I was, minding my own business when a friend of mine called and said,” You have to come out here right away and photograph the most incredible sight you’re ever going to see. It’s snowing on the cactus in my backyard”! Well he lives right at the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. His backyard¬† edges to the preserve. I grabbed my gear and jumped in my car and drove east, watching the snow melting and disappearing, right before my eyes. I got there soon enough to catch a few melting cactus plants with the snowy mountains in the background. This is indeed a rare sight for us desert rats and we get a little crazy when it snows. This may well be our last winter storm. Let’s hope not, cause we can use the moisture.

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It's Snowing on the SuperstitionsDave Morgan-Creative Commons

It’s Snowing on the Superstitions
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Ye Ole Printing Press

At Goldfields Ghost Town in Apache Junction, lies this old printing press with all it’s intricacies, collecting dust. I thought it would make for an interesting HDR shot. It was quite dark when I found this antique. I set up for delayed exposures. The long exposures kind of lent itself to some artful digital shots.

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Ye ole Printing PressDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Ye ole Printing Press
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Arizona Desert in Bloom

A rear sight in Phoenix area, is a colorful desert. Maybe every 10 years we will get enough¬† winter rain to wake up the dormant seeds buried in the desert floor. If so spring comes alive and it’s a crazy time for photographers, who are out in droves. And so we wait for another wet winter..and wait..and wait!

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Arizona Desert FlowersDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Arizona Desert Flowers
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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The Nightmare Dentist @ Barrett Jackson Car Auction-2013

Years ago I was in the Dental Field and the Dental Surgeon I worked with looked a little like this guy. He was a black man nearing retirement, and every once in a while, he would come into the office looking a little like this guy. He loved a good game of chess, and loved playing with me, because I really wasn’t that good, but I’d let him win once in a while.

So the next time you’re at a Barrett-Jackson car auction, say hi to the resurrected Dr Taylor, who somehow came back as a white guy..HeHe!!

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“The Dells” at Sunset, Prescott, Arizona

The neat thing about HDR, is capturing a moment as your percieved it, just as you remember it. This photo of a setting sun over “The Dells” at Watson Lake, pretty much takes me there, as I saw it, when I was there. Pictures that are not HDR, do not always do that for me. Everyones different in that regard, but after it’s all said and done, there will never be anything quite like actually being there. For a photographer or tourist, Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona, is worth the visit.

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"The Dells", Prescott, AzDave Morgan-Creative Commons

“The Dells”, Prescott, Az
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Grand Canyon Sunset overlooking Colorado River

I imagine many Indians long ago squatted in this same spot, mesmerized by the grandeur of it all, gazing into this mother of canyons at sunset. It will take your breath away, hugging the vertical cliffs. With the wind whipping, you try to hold your ground..or else! Not a pleasant thought falling, but I’m sure it’s happened. For me, I just stare into the sunset, with no care in the world. I came here to absorb this ancient place and take a few photographs. Mission accomplished.

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Sunset in the Grand CanyonDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Sunset in the Grand Canyon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Christmas Lights in Reflection Pool, Mormon Temple, Mesa, Az

The Mesa Mormon Temple lights up with hundreds of thousands of colorful lights to celebrate the birth of Christ. Folks come from miles around to enjoy this spectacle under clear and crisp December nights. This reflection is from a pool on the back side of the Temple looking south. Not an easy shot to get with 1000’s of people wandering around. To all have a safe and joyous Merry Christmas!!

Mesa Mormon TempleDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Mesa Mormon Temple
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Living on the Edge-Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

It’s quite exhilarating, standing on the vertical edge of this mammoth gorge along the Colorado River in Arizona. This spot is just a few miles from Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell. It sits high on the list for favorite stops for amateur and professional photographers alike. Every photographer that visits Arizona wants this shot in their portfolio. I showed up for sunset photos and early before sunrise shots, which is what you see here. Check out the Category, “Arizona” for more shots of Horseshoe Bend.

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Vista Horseshoe BendDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Vista Horseshoe Bend
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Parade of Hot Air Balloons tonight in Gilbert Arizona

Amid the reflective Christmas lights of Gilbert City Hall Complex in Arizona, the annual Gilbert Festival presented a parade of Hot Air Balloons. Quite a spectacle as each Hot Air Balloon took it’s turn to rise to the occasion on a clear calm night, picture-perfect and of course weather-perfect..after it’s Arizona.

I probably took a hundred photos trying to catch all balloons up in the sky and all balloons firing up at the same time, then finally it happened.

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Parade of BalloonsDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Parade of Balloons
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Red Sandstone Plateaus, Arizona

Red Sandstone Plateau, ArizonaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Red Sandstone Plateau, Arizona
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

Plenty of red sandstone to go around in northern Arizona. After spending the evening shooting Horseshoe Bend, the hike back takes one past these interesting formations. To see more photos of Arizona and Horseshoe Bend, go to right sidebar under Categories.

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