Latourel Falls is serenity in Oregon

I can still feel the cool summer mist as it blankets down wave after wave of pure refreshing water droplets. The camera doesn’t quite like it and I find myself forever cleaning the lens of mist, as I set up for a low angle shot, along the brooke that flows under the falls. I guess somebody has to go all the way up to Oregon in the summer and grab these shots. It might as well be me, but you’re welcome at any time to crawl under this falls, clothes and all, and let it catch you off-guard and take your breath away.

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Latourel Falls, Oregon

Latourel Falls, Oregon

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Sullivan Falls, Oregon

It seemed like forever getting to this falls. After leaving I-5 near Salem, Oregon, it’s a good 40 miles or so heading east. I didn’t quite catch that looking at the map. I’ve photographed quite a few waterfalls all over the state. Oregon got quite a few and I love finding them. If you’re like me, a waterfalls aficionado, you’ll love hiking the trails around Oregon, looking for the next forested cascade.

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Sullivan Falls, OregonDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Sullivan Falls, Oregon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Petrified Wood Cascades in Northern, California

I didn’t take notice when I was shooting this photo that the rock formation was very similiar to petrified wood. I’m use to seeing this in Arizona, but California? I was more interested in the cascades, with the old growth forest surrounding it. Then the trouble began. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the hole I had climbed in. Sometimes we are so focused on getting the shot, we don’t always see the dangers we put ourselves in. I’m speaking of photographers and the chances we take to bring home these shots.

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Petrified Wood CascadesDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Petrified Wood Cascades
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Taking the Plunge at Krka Falls, Croatia

I never thought the cascades would end. We started at the top and kept following the falls all the way down. The grass was growing in the falls and all around it. I had been to alot of falls, but this one was so different and by far my favorite. It is so accessble at points along it’s banks, making photography very fun and interesting. Krka Falls is located about an hours drive out of Split, Croatia, which is straight east of Venice, across the Adriatic Sea.

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West Virginia Wandering Cascades

Autumn this year was blazing colorful in West Virgina, but they had such a dry season , one could hardly find any nice waterfalls. So I dug through my arsenal of photos from my last trip and found this beautiful cascade, which has no name, that I could find. It just happened to be on a country back road, just waiting for me to find. It was completely gone this year, so I reminisce.

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West Virginia Cascades
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Waterfalls at Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon

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Japenese Gardens are always alot of fun to photograph. Portland’s  Japanese Gardens, has one of the most impressive man-made waterfalls I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who designed it, but it definitely is a work of art. The Red Maple trees set it off so colorfully and the water cascades down tiers that look quite natural.

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Waterfalls at Japanese Gardens
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Shoshone Falls, Idaho

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The answer to August 28th post is: Shoshone Falls is to the right of the Snake River Photo. This mammoth waterfalls located near Twin Falls, Idaho is called the”Niagra Falls of the West”. It is 212 ft high and 900 ft wide. If you’re lucky you can catch a rainbow from the spray mist of the falls. It’s all about the angle of the dangle of the sun. Usually the sun is to your back somewhere. Exactly where is pretty scientific and beyond the scope of my brain.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Wolf River Cascades in Autumn, West Virginia

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This was an interesting and fun photo to take. I was traveling on a dirt road, trying to find my way out from under the Royal Gorge in West Virgina where a had spent most of the day. It was pretty much dark and I decided to pulled over because I  heard the sound of rapids, an indication water was flowing over some rocks somewhere. Over the edge of a cliff I could barely see the rapids, so I thought what the heck, last photo of the day, I’ll do an extremely long exposure and see what happens. The night was very still, which was a plus. The details in the shadows came out better than I expected, so I left satisfied that even in darkness, there still is a little light shining through.

Wolf River Cascades-2

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Umauma Falls Hawaii

To see this falls you must enter the World Botanical Gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii. A triple falls with beautiful red cordeline plants in the foreground.

This was a fun photo to take. I used a vertical pan stitching 3 photos together and then tonemapped with Photomatix to give it a touch of zip. Beautiful gardens abound on this botanical wonderland. I spent half the day photographing in the gardens.

Umauma Falls.

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Blue Lagoon Revisited

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While watching the remake of “Blue Lagoon” called “The Awakening” on Lifetime, a scene caught my eye while the castaways were in a waterfall in Hawaii and I thought, “that looks familiar”. So I looked through my Maui photos from the past year and sure enough, it was filmed at Twin Falls on Maui. I had a tough time getting a shot of this beautiful spot without the crowds. A short hike up off the road to Hana, then you wade chest deep through a section of a stream before you reach the falls. I got there ahead of a crowd and as I was shooting I ask them all if I could have a minute to shoot before they got in the water ahead of me. Surprisingly, they obliged and I held back about 15 people eager to get into the lagoon. This is the shot I got before all hell broke loose.

I wander what it took for the film crew of “The Awakening” to hold back the crowds.

Blue Lagoon Waterfalls
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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