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Carlsbad Caverns Eery Formations, New Mexico

You truly are in a different world when you travel 800 feet below ground, into this mammoth cavern. It use to be our hang-out years ago, as we toured and performed in local towns around the area, such as Carlsbad, New Mexico. This trip was exclusively for shooting the cavern and seemed so different and surreal, then years ago. We had a new found respect for this amazing place. Photographs cannot truly capture how alive your senses are, when drifting through nature’s work of art. You lose perspective of time and space. In the main cavern, cool air currents flow by you at a constant 56 degrees. That’s pretty tolerable.

It’s hard to get a sense of distance and depth, but my guess is, the farthest wall in the photo is probably 200 feet in away.

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Carlsbad, Caverns
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Carlsbad Caverns-New Mexico

I remember years ago as a country music entertainer performing in the town of Carlsbad, New Mexico. For exercise we would go to the caverns and jog through them, down the winding stairs, up and around all the formations. It was blistering hot outside, but in the caverns it remained around 56 degrees. Quite comfortable for decending some 750 feet into the magical underworld. On a recent reunion trip to specifically photograph in HDR, we chose to take the elevator down since we were carrying the tripod and photo gear. That was our exercise. This quiet underground cavern system is huge. The formation you see in the photo, I imagine is 50 feet tall, though in the cavern it’s hard to sense distance and depth. They say this part of the cavern system we were in could fit into two football fields. I believe it. It’s definitely out of this world!

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