Cobblestone Streets of Trevignano Romano, Italy

We flew into Rome early in the morning, in fact arrived on my birthday. I knew from past trips to Europe, the first day is a throw-away because, you have to get some sleep to function. I wanted to make it to Lake Bracciano north of Rome, and spend the day on a rare inland lake in Italy, on my birthday. First trick was getting there, without falling asleep at the wheel. We got there in the afternoon, found a hotel lakeside and crashed for a few hours. We found our way later that evening to Trevignano Romano for dinner, and then wandered the back cobblestone streets into the evening. As usual with our traveling style, we wing it and usually find some interesting places, off the beaten tourist routes.

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Trevignano Romano, ItalyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Trevignano Romano, Italy
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Alfredo’s at Bracciano Lake, Italy

All I knew, when we arrived in Rome from our long trip from Phoenix is, I didn’t want to drive far and I wanted a hotel on a lake for the night.  Italy doesn’t have many lakes near Rome you can stay on. We planned a week traveling aimlessly through Tuscany on our destination in Cinque Terre.  We looked on the map and saw that north of Rome was just what our tired bodies had wanted, a lake. It was in the off season so we knew that getting a room would be easy. We found Hotel Alfredo on Bracciano Lake. A picture-perfect setting on a circular lake with Odescalchi Castle staring down on us. A full moon topped it off. What else could you ask for. Oh..It was my birthday!!

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Alfredo on Bracciano Lake, Italy
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Full Moon Over Tuscany, Italy

We had spent the day driving all over Tuscany and in our usual driving pattern, had no particular destination in mind. We would keep driving until the evening and then start looking for accommodations. Tuscany is mostly rolling hills and the castles most of the time sit on a high point overlooking the valley. From this vantage point we were able to catch this evening photo of the moon rising. The sun had long set, so I used a long exposure to catch this soft wide angle shot.

Moonlight Over Tuscany-Creative Commons
Dave Morgan

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