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Moody Clouds of Crescent Lake, Olympia, Washington

I drove up from Phoenix to Olympia National Park, to attend a 3-day photography seminar. I don’t usually go to photo seminars, but just to get out of Phoenix and get into some old growth forest with waterfalls and lakes and streams, was just the ticket to a long and hot Arizona summer. The trip turned into a 6,ooo mile trek to national parks all over the northwest, including Canada. But that’s another story.

I met a local, one of the teachers, who like myself was itchy to get out and do some more shooting. It was quite cloudy and the sun was setting with no drama to capture. So I said, let’s go down to the lake and just see what happens. The skies to the east were pretty dark, and out of no where they opened up for about 30 seconds. I hurried up and got off some shots, while my friend was still setting up. And that was the end of the light. It pays to be ready, or maybe just lucky.

Got any great ideas of places to travel to this year, let me know.

Moody Clouds of Crescent LakeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Moody Clouds of Crescent Lake
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunset On Crescent Lake, Washington

Happy New Year!!

Hope you all have a safe New Year’s Eve, and prosperous 2013!

This photo of Crescent Lake felt right, as I watch the sunset over a cold Phoenix, Arizona New Year’s night. Crescent Lake is a beautiful, pristine lake on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. It’s surrounded by mountains and pine trees. A perfect place to hide in the summer away from the summer heat. This photo reminds me of how much I want to go back someday. I hope your wanderlust turns to traveling the world and becoming another “Travelbugster”! Have a great New Year!

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Crescent Lake, WashingtonDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Crescent Lake, Washington
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Old Growth Forest of the Olympic Peninsula

On the way to the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park, I stopped off to wander through some old growth forest. I found a dirt road andI just started walking. The eerie wet forest was alive with activity mostly from under my feet. Everywhere you walked it was spongy. You could hear the buzzing, scaping and knawing sounds from organisms,insects, animals and who knows what else, decomposing the earth from below. I was afraid I would fall into the abyss never to be heard from again. Traveling alone, it’s easy to get spooked by these types of things. I took a couple of photos and wandered back to the truck to get back on track for my journey to the Hoh Rain Forest.

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Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Seattle Reflections From Skyline

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After an evening chasing through downtown Seattle, enjoying the perfect weather at an outdoor restaurant, we found our way over to Skyline in West Seattle, which is the perfect spot for capturing the city lights of Seattle. It was our last night there before catching a cruiseship to Alaska for the week.

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Skyline Reflections of Seattle
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Antique Trains in Snoqualmie

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In the city of Snoqualmie is a train depot called the Northwest Railway Museum. Quite a find as most travelers head to the Snoqualmie Falls just up the road a piece. Situated just 25 miles east of Seattle, it makes for a great day trip. We headed out from Seattle in search of all the back roads we could find to get us there and back. We left in the morning and pretty much made it a day trip. Lots of historical towns, antique shops, and countryside to explore.

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Northwest Railway Museum
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Umbrellas On Parade, San Francisco,Ca

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We were at The Fish Market in Seattle when we went by a store that was all umbrellas, and quite fancy ones at that. I had never seen a store that specialised in elaborate colorful umbrellas before. I wonder if people actually go out in the rain with those expensive things. Being from Phoenix, we hardly ever see umbrellas. If we’re going to a rainy location, we usually pack the kind you can fold up and put in a suitcase. If it breaks we just throw it away. I guess if you break one of those expensive ones, you can use the material for scarfs or handkerchiefs, or something.

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Umbrella Store
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, Washington

Daily Photo:

Near Snoqualmie Falls is this Railroad Depot, just 25 miles east of Seattle, Washington. Old trains are scattered everywhere and makes for  great HDR photos. I decided to try an HDR photo of me hugging an antique locomotive. I felt pretty small standing next to this giant. Some weeks ago this was a pit stop before embarking on an Alaskan Cruise. Whole trip was full of these heavy bellowing clouds which I love for HDR photography. I’ll be sharing more in the weeks to come. Next trip planned is for San Francisco. Got any great ideas of photo opportunities there let me know.

Northwest Railway Museum, Washington
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

HDR next to an antique locomotive:

Dave at Snowqualmie Railway Depot
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Mounthaven Resort, Rainier, Washington

I’ve stayed at this resort a couple of times over the past few years and we almost stayed again a few weeks ago while traveling through Washington. We ended up in Issaqua instead. But this neat little cabin in the woods is just outside the entrance to Rainier National Park. Each evening the local deer in the area wander onto the grounds and the owners feed them and the tourist grab their cameras and get an up-close shot with some local wildlife. I found it convenient to get an early start in the park for some great shots, before the sun popped over the hills.

Mounthaven Resort, Washington
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Cascades in Washington State

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After visiting Snoqualmie Falls east of Seattle, Washington, I headed into the hills to get lost. I was in search of waterfalls big or small heading up toward Fall City. There was a slight drizzle in the air, perfect for waterfalls shots. I found many that day just along the side of the road. This particular cascade was interesting with a walking bridge to accent the shot. Washington is a very beautiful state with incredible waterfalls everywhere. Best run-offs of course are in the spring, but this shot was taken late summer. Still a fair amount of water running down through the hills.

Cascades near Fall City, Washington
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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Swimming Hole-Washington State

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I think as kids we all loved to fly across the water on a rope and splash into a river or lake, just to climb out and do it all over again. I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania.  In the lazy hazy days of summer when it was hot and humid, we searched out the ol’ swimming holes. I remember swinging out out on a bull rope trying to get as high in the air as possible and letting go. What a blast! Or should I say, “what a splash”! Makes me want to find a swing over a swimming hole and do it all over again. This one I found in Washington state exploring along the Snoqualmie river. I sat there and dreamed of bygone days and imagined how many kids enjoyed this little spot tucked away under ther trees, tanning on the rocks. Sweet memories.

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