Parliament Building, Victoria, British Columbia

What a beautiful city! In contrast to our 1st visit some years ago. We arrived in gloomy weather and went straight to a B&B we had arranged online, by-passing the city altogether. Boy, did we miss out. The downtown area by the boat harbor is bustling with parks, shopping,hotels, restaurants and lots of history and lots of people. My wife was wondering how we missed all this our 1st visit. We would have had a whole different feeling about the place. Now we plan to come back and spend more time discovering the area.

The Parliament Building lights up at night and is a great spot to just hang out, people watch and photograph.

Daily Photo:

Parliament Building, Victoria, British ColumbiaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Parliament Building, Victoria, British Columbia
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Restaurant La Cavour in Old Town Quebec City,

Daily Photo:

A great place to get that old time European town feeling close to home is, Quebec City in Canada. It’s French and so much about the town makes you think you are in France, which is great and alot cheaper to get to, than France itself. HDR photography is alot of fun there. You simply park the car and do it all on foot.

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La Cavour, Quebec
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Norwegian Star Cruise Ship

It’s never static on a cruiseship. So waiting for an area to be clear where there are not 100’s of people wandering around is tough business. This open-air promenade with glassed elevators was quite impressive. Just had to try an HDR shot here. In the end I had to tonemappe just one image because of too many people. In any case, it grabs the moment I was looking for.

Norwegian Star Cruiseship
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

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Canadian Rockies Alpine Lake

Touring through the Canadian Rockies, around Glacier National Park abounds in Alpine lakes.  We traveled from Vancouver, British Columbia across the mountains over to Calgary staying on the Trans Canadian Highway 1 most of the way. By mid-September it was already cooling quite a bit, something us Arizonians are not use to, so it was time to head south.

Canadian Rockies Alpine Lake
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Green Lake, Whistler, Canada

Daily Photo:

You never know quite what I’m going to put up next. I don’t know myself. I guess it keeps things interesting.  A very scenic drive out of Vancouver heading north will take you to Whistler, well known for the Winter Olympics, back a few years ago. We’ve taken this drive a number of times in the fall and the weather is normally pretty good. We happen to catch some great weather for this photo, and a nice shot of a couple in a canoe returning from a ride on the Green Lake, just outside of Whistler.

Green Lake, Whistler, Canada
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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Chateau de la Terrasse, Quebec City

Daily Photo:

For us folks in the U.S., old Quebec City is about as close to European as you can get without going to Europe. That was the motivation to go. Buildings like this one were everywhere and quite colorful and fun to photograph. We pretty much did a walking tour around the entire old city in one day. Sure gives cause to wonder why we carry heavy photo equipment. Too bad they don’t allow donkeys, because I sure in the heck would have liked to have had one.. this day!

Chateau de la Terrasse
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Reflections-City lights of Vancouver, British Columbia

Daily Photo:

Try this without a tripod! I’m standing in the total darkness of Stanley Park, postioning my camera on a picnic bench, using very long exposures, seven shots in all, to capture this magical city at night. Little did we know at the time, we were pressing ever so close to missing that cruise ship off in the distance you see. We didn’t realize that going through the huge Stanley Park was a one way road, you had to go all the way through the park to get out. It took us out somewhere else and we were lost. By the time we arrived at the debarkation station at the terminal, they had already closed down. We pleaded with them to still let us on. It was a close call. I hope you enjoy what us crazy photographers are willing to do sometimes.

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Chaudiere River Reflections-Saint Georges-Ontario, Canada

Daily Photo:

Traveling the backroads out of Bangor, Maine bound for Quebec City, we arrived early evening at a small town across the Canadian border called Saint Georges. As we “landscape photographers” often do, we get antsy around sunset wondering what the sun is going to do. I noticed the skies were starting to light up colors, while we were busy getting a room for the night. I knew there wasn’t much time to find a spot to take advantage of these fleeting moments. I ushered everyone to the car and started racing down the road looking for a vantage point to photograph this most amazing, blazing sunset that was unfolding in front of us. I saw a river, thinking, “that might work”, and started looking for a hot spot. I hurried from the car and quickly set up my tripod, as I was running to the river. “A pictures speaks a thousand words,” and I walked away satisfied that this night, this sunset is now forever etched in cyberspace.

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