On the Tail of a Pirate Ship

From the deck of the Cabo Escape in the open waters at the tip of Lands End in Cabo San Lucas, we spotted a rogue Pirate ship at sunset. The captain opened  in a full throttle to push the pirate ship into open waters. As we approached ever so cautiously, it turned out this was another one of those party ships with a bunch of drunk tourist. We turned quickly to the wind at starboard side and hulled butt out of there, as to not be dragged into the rum-soaked fumes of this out of control drunkard ship. At a safe distance we settle back to watch the sun sink into the distant ocean. As I awoke from my run away imagination I realized I was on the drunkard party boat.

Buccaneer Pirate ShipDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Buccaneer Pirate Ship
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Shipwrecked in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Well not really. Tonight in Cabo we went on the Pirate ship “Buccaneer” and whale watched and sailed over to El Arco. Weather was about as perfect as it gets.

Anyone out there own a Canon 5D? Last night sailing out to El Arco at sunset my camera got weird, malfunctioned and shut down. Opened it up and the mirror fell out the camera. The glue that held the mirror to the camera housing must have loosened up because of the moist, humid air in Cabo.  To say the least, I felt like I was out of business. I went online and found I wasn’t the only person having this problem. Good thing I had a smaller back-up camera, so I could at least get some shots. This one was taken tonight off the front of the Pirate ship, towards the El Arco, to the west. Perfect time in Cabo for whale watching. They were everywhere.

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Buccaneer at Sunset,CaboDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Buccaneer at Sunset,Cabo
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Golden Sunset of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The changing winds of winter, sometimes makes us long for the golden warm sands of a tropical beach somewhere. I just checked It’s going to be 88 degrees and sunny in Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. Pretty much what it was when I took this sunset photo over the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Vallarta. It’s raining this evening in Phoenix. I can’t remember when we last had rain here. It’s been a long time and we are excited. Our 1st winter storm. So with the cooler weather, what better time then now, to put a log on the fire and dream about sunny beaches in some far off southern tropical paradise! “Hasta La Vista..Baby”!!

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Golden Sunset of Puerto VallartaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Golden Sunset of Puerto Vallarta
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun, Mexico

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I don’t think you can find more beautiful and warm waters than they have in Cancun, Mexico. I spent a day going in one big circle, wading through the huge long pool, back across the Caribbean Sea and then the pool again. Cancun is one long white sand beach, with hotels lined up the whole stretch. We’ve stayed at various hotels here, but you never grow tired of peering out into this hypnotizing Caribbean Sea.

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun

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Cancun Sunset, Mexico

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As we were cruising north out of Cozumel heading for the port in Galveston, I noticed a line of hotels silohuetted by the sun. It didn’t hit me right away that we were passing Cancun. The next year we were sitting on the beach in Cancun looking east, the other way, seeing the ships passing in the distance. It was kind of cool seeing the different perpectives. I don’t know why I bring this up. It reminds me  of a story I once heard of a man when he was a young boy, fishing in a pond, looking up at a jet passing overhead and dreaming of one day flying in an airplane. Now he’s older sitting in an airplane, looking down below at the lakes and ponds, wishing he was  fishing. Dreams change, perspectives change.. Time plays with us. As much as I’ve traveled and flown all over the world, at the moment, fishing sounds pretty good!

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Cancun Sunset
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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Neptune Guards Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I’m not sure what Neptune was reaching for..but what a beautiful statue. Along the ocean in the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta, a boardwalk welcomes you to a varierty of statues as you walk the plaza. I happen to peer this one as the sunset was quickly approaching. We happen to pick a great time to be here in late February. The weather was mild in the 80’s and sunsets were a great time to explore the beaches and and climb along the hills to the south.

Neptune Guarding Puetrto Vallarta
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

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Puerto Vallarta Driftwood Boat

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Imagine taking your chances going out in the big bad ocean that will suck you down, floating around in this contraption. Ingenuity at it’s best. I’m sure there was a time when this ‘ol boat caught alot of fish. Imagine the stories it could tell. I found this boat along the beach down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The boat to the right looks like it could use some help also. The oars were left in the boat and I was almost tempted to go for a ride, but, on second thought..maybe not!Image

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Tulum-City of Dawn

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We decided to make the trip more interesting so we took the city bus out of Cancun and headed south to Tulum. It was June, it was very hot and humid and really it was the “slow boat to China”. Some hours later we finally arrived and hired an interpreter to explain the history and structures built by the Mayans 500+ years ago. The area, a small city that once inhabited around 1000-1600 people is believed to have vanished because of old age diseases brought over by a spanish expedition early in the 1500’s. Tulum is mostly rolling hills overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  Cliffs suddenly drop-off into beautiful sandy beaches along the Yucatan Pennisula. Climbing down 39 feet of wooden stairs, suntanners bask in the torquoise warm waters of the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.

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