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Big Wheel Keep On Turning, West Virginia


Red Wheel

Daily Photo:

Traveling through West Virginia, enroute to Blackwater Falls, I saw this interesting contraption on the side of the road and just had to stop and take a picture of it. The sun was shining through the trees and I looked for an angle that would let the light shine through.

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Lough Leane Lake, Ireland

Daily Photo:

Ross Castle-Killarney Ireland sits on Lough Leane lake. “Lake of learning” as it is known has an eerie feel when clouded over as it was the day we were there. This pair of geese seem to like it just fine.

Lough Leane Lake, Ireland
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Glade Creek Grist Mill, West Virginia

Glade Creek Grist Mill is located in Babcock State Park in West Virgina. I had seen photos of this location for years and always wanted to go there and take a shot at it. As always timing is everything. I had check when fall foliage was at it’s peak and planned my trip. Just before leaving on any trip, I check the weather forecast. A big front was moving through with lots of rain and wind. I postponed my trip to go after the storm had passed. Got there and 40 mile an hour winds had blown 80% of the colorful autumn leaves off the trees. Who would have known. Got up early and did the best I could and I’ll be sharing those photos.

Glade Creek Grist Mill
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Cliff Towns of Cinque Terre, Italy

Manarola is one of the 5 cliff towns that hover over the Ligurian Sea in northern Italy’s Italian Riviera. This place is magical with it’s pastel colored buildings hanging from the vertical hills. It’s part of a National Park with hiking trails between each town. You can’t really drive in these small towns, but a train seems to stop every 20 minutes to take you to the next town. We stayed in Levanto and commuted to each town to photograph and enjoy where ancient Romans use to vacation. East of the Cinque Terre, a town called Levanto is a great place to stay with everything Italy has to offer; great restaurants ,B&B’s, beaches, shops, parks and tree-lines streets all tucked in a picturesque cove.  Check it out on Google Earth.

This HDR shot was a walk half-way through town. Had to move trash cans and and as usual patiently wait for tourist to finish enjoying the spot before I could shoot. Part of the job. But what better place to just hang-out enjoying the moment.

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Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Blue Lagoon Revisited

Daily Photo:

While watching the remake of “Blue Lagoon” called “The Awakening” on Lifetime, a scene caught my eye while the castaways were in a waterfall in Hawaii and I thought, “that looks familiar”. So I looked through my Maui photos from the past year and sure enough, it was filmed at Twin Falls on Maui. I had a tough time getting a shot of this beautiful spot without the crowds. A short hike up off the road to Hana, then you wade chest deep through a section of a stream before you reach the falls. I got there ahead of a crowd and as I was shooting I ask them all if I could have a minute to shoot before they got in the water ahead of me. Surprisingly, they obliged and I held back about 15 people eager to get into the lagoon. This is the shot I got before all hell broke loose.

I wander what it took for the film crew of “The Awakening” to hold back the crowds.

Blue Lagoon Waterfalls
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Hanging Out to Dry, Venice

In Venice, it’s pretty common on the back streets to see folks hanging it all out to dry; work clothes,underwear, lingerie. On a pulley system, the rope rolls it in and rolls it out. I think at home if you let your under garments hang out to dry, for all to see, you might get arrested, or at least laughed at. Makes for an interesting shot. Lacking the space, all things modern haven’t quite hit the back streets of Venice. Still one of my favorites places to go.

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Hanging it Out to Dry, Venice
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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She Thinks My Tractor’s sexy!

Daily Photo:

Hard to believe there was a day when tractors were steam driven, just like locomotives. At Goldfield’s Ghost Town in Apache Junction, Arizona, there are quite a few old rusting farm and mining machinery just lying around wasting in the sun. I’m sure this steamer has seen alot of gunfights in the streets of this western-style tourist haven. Great place for HDR photography on a cloudy day, with all it’s distressed wood buildings and ancient oxidizing gold mine equipment and things. I’ve taken many photos over the years at this location from engagement photos, christmas card photos, to high dynamic range photo tours. Great spot to visit if you’re in the Phoenix area. Make sure you check out the steakhouse with live entertainment.

Steam tractor at Goldfields

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O’briens Tower at Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

There was a time when they would allow you out on the edge of the cliffs, where you could lie down and look staight over the edge to the jagged rocks below, until people started falling off! Now you keep a safe distance and feel the awesomeness of this Irish landmark. Looking west you know somewhere out there is the good old U.S.A. and that’s comforting. This is Ireland most visited attraction and for good reason. It’s magical.

O’briens Tower Cliff of Moher

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Rocky Coast of Lake Tahoe

Daily Photo:

The entire sky up behind us turned a blazing deep orange and yellows and lit up the rocks to eerie hues of tans and browns. The skies stayed pretty clear and blue for most of the 4 day trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada this past week. Then one late afternoon thick clouds started rolling in, and I knew it was time to scope out the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe. We hiked down a steep cliff and searched for a spot to collect the granite rocks in the foreground of the scene, which is what I wanted the most. We found such a spot and claimed it before anyone could, probably a good hour and a half before sunset.

Very few places I’ve been, match the incredible beauty of a deep alpine lake like, Lake Tahoe. Sandy beaches, waves, pine forest, comfortable temperatures, ski resorts, casinos, sailing, romantic cruises at sunset, hiking trails, waterfalls, rivers to go tubing and kayaking and much more. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in the pines the 1st night and then opted for a motel right on the beach. Off-season is a great time to go. Rates are cheaper and you don’t fight the crowds.

Limited edition prints available of all my photos. Click on the photo to enlarge and to see my whole gallery, or click on the gallery button at the top of the page.

Rocky Coast of Lake Tahoe
Limited Edition Prints available
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Canyonlands in Utah

You feel like you are on top of the world as you stand on the edge of these canyons outstretched to the snow-capped La Sal Mountains off in the distance. It’s another one of those places that gives you the heebie-jeebies if you stand to close to the edge. With the wind swirling in all directions I got as close as I was willing to go. Cloud formations were perfect for HDR imagery and I took this late in the day. No one else around, it was great!

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Canyonlands in Utah
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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