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Arizona Desert in Bloom

A rear sight in Phoenix area, is a colorful desert. Maybe every 10 years we will get enough  winter rain to wake up the dormant seeds buried in the desert floor. If so spring comes alive and it’s a crazy time for photographers, who are out in droves. And so we wait for another wet winter..and wait..and wait!

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Arizona Desert FlowersDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Arizona Desert Flowers
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Seattle from the Fish Market

We got there late in the day and the market was closed. A little disappointing, so we made the best of it and started shooting. This colorful cafe on the second floor, made for a nice foreground to the skyscrapers in the distance. Sunset gave a warm tone to the buildings. Great part of the evening to be out enjoying Seattle.

Seattle from Fish Market
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Restaurant La Cavour in Old Town Quebec City,

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A great place to get that old time European town feeling close to home is, Quebec City in Canada. It’s French and so much about the town makes you think you are in France, which is great and alot cheaper to get to, than France itself. HDR photography is alot of fun there. You simply park the car and do it all on foot.

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La Cavour, Quebec
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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HDR-Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

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This classic hotel was built in 1887 on Mackinac Island, just east of Mackinaw City on Lake Huron, Michigan. Everyone who visits wants to relive the famous 1980 movie, “Somewhere in Time”, starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. With sprawling Verandas and scenic overlooks across Lake Huron, fountains and gardens, a little romance of yesteryear is in the air. Some dramatic clouds rolled in making an HDR photo so much the better.

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Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

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Red Maple and Rhododendron in Bar Harbor, Maine

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We’ve found early June, late May is a great time to visit Bar Harbor, Maine. Flowers are in full bloom and the tourist season hasn’t quite begun. Easy time to find B&B’s and we love the cooler weather and sitting out on porches at night. Don’t get much chance to do that in Phoenix in the summer. This sign leads down to a path that ends up at the bay. After dinner is a great time to walk along the bay and enjoy the sunset.

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Red Maple in Bar Harbor, Maine
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Just Another Day in Paradise, Az

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It’s hard to believe this is the desert around Phoeniz, Az. It was just one of those days when the air was exceptionally clean, and rare “puffy” clouds were floating through Phoenix. I grabbed the camera, got on the bicycle, and headed out into the neighborhood. We live in a lake community, so great “photo ops” are not far away. Most people hate the heat of summer here, and I’m no different. I plan alot of road trips in the summer, to cooler climates.. But, after the summer heat breaks, everyday for the next 8 months becomes, “just another day in paradise”!

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Just Another Day In Paradise, Az

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Time Worn Stairs of Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Old town Dubrovnik has thousands of stairs with everyone upstaging the other with fancy entryways and flowered pots. This was an arduous climb, going up and down each corridor looking for the most photogenic doors and stairways. But I was determined to find them all one by one. I usually come back from these photo excursions, losing weight. I guess there’s easier ways to do it, just not as much fun. Dubrovnik is one of those places you wish you had a week, just to try all the different fancy outdoor restaurants that line the cobblestone breezeways.

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Stairways in Dubrovnik Croitia

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Icicle Plants on Shell Beach, California

Daily Photo:

There was an art show going on at the park in Shell Beach and I broke away and went over to the cliffs to check out the view. Didn’t have to wander far to find a great shot on the edge of the cliffs. Shell Beach is located just north of Pismo Beach on the way to San Luis Obispo, California. Spent 4 days there this past June. Weather was fabulous. Party animals were gearing up for 4th of July a few days after we left. I headed to Pittsburgh for the 4th to visit family. They do fireworks up right. Sit in my brothers front yard and fireworks explode overhead. Can’t beat that.

Shell Beach Overlook, California
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park, San Diego

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On a recent trip this summer to San Diego we stayed at a B&B, just walking distance from this famous park. Everyone knows about the popularity of the San Diego Zoo which is in Balboa Park, but most people miss the beautiful architecture that surrounds the park. Since taking photos of animals is not my thing, wandering around shooting buildings and landscapes is. HDR photography works best when things don’t move, since you have to take multiple pictures and then merge them together. Otherwise you get ghosting and other problems. Usually wind gives you enough problems to deal with and HDR programs provide some latitude for this as long as it is not extreme, like it was on a recent springtime trip to Arches National Park.

Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Timeless Venice

The corridors of Venice are like a big maze. If it weren’t  for the signs saying either Rialto Bridge or St Marco Piazza, you would be completely lost. But half of the fun in Venice is to lose yourself to the back streets and get a glimpse of everyday living of Venetians. So it’s hard to do with all the tourist but fun just the same. I have 40 years of remembering Venice with many trips back and it always feels good to me with new places to explore. I’ll never grow tired of my favorite city.

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Venice lif

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