Seattle Reflections From Skyline

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After an evening chasing through downtown Seattle, enjoying the perfect weather at an outdoor restaurant, we found our way over to Skyline in West Seattle, which is the perfect spot for capturing the city lights of Seattle. It was our last night there before catching a cruiseship to Alaska for the week.

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Skyline Reflections of Seattle
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Some Town, Somewhere in Ireland

Daily Photo:

These our times when I wish I had a GPS, or something to tell me where I’m at. We had spent the day tirelessly traveling south from Shannon, Ireland to wherever we might end up for the night. We pulled into this picturesque town, got a room and I went out to photograph while it was raining. What could be better then strolling the streets of some Irish town, with no direction in mind, and in the end, not even know what town it is. If you happen to recognize this place, let me know where you think it is. It was a beautiful town!

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Somewhere in Ireland
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Pittsburgh Skyline from Mt Washington

I’m from Pittsburgh, Pa and was back visiting family for July 4th. I use to work in downtown Pittsburgh at the young age of 18, as a clothes salesman at Horne’s. I don’t even know if they’re still around.  I missed the flight back to Phoenix, so I decided to spend the evening on top of a hill overlooking Pittsburgh at sunset.  As a kid living there I had no interest in photographing Pittsburgh. It wasn’t until later years and traveling alot did I notice that Pittsburgh has one of the most beautiful skylines of any city, especially from the vantage point high on a hill overlooking it all.

Knowing the Pirates were playing at the ballpark below (center left) made the evening even more special. The lights were so bright I had to crop it out because it dominated the photo. This photo was taken with 3 images merged in Photomatix.

Pittsburgh Skyline
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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