Covered Bridges

Covered Bridge, Oregon

One summer we went to Oregon to do nothing but track down covered bridges and waterfalls. We traveled quite a bit around the state searching for the best. This one seemed cool, but can’t remember the name of it. If you happen to know, drop a line. This one did pull out some color for an HDR shot. Looks like someone is waiting patiently at the other end of the bridge for me!

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Covered Bridge, OregonDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Covered Bridge, Oregon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Red Covered Bridge in Lancaster County, Pa

We planned an extra couple days in Venice, but the town was booked solid. So we changed our plans and decided to fly into Philadelphia and surprise my sister who lives in York, Pa. The surprise was on us..she was in Atlantic City on vacation, so we changed our plans again. We spent the next few days exploring Lancaster County, Pa. What a beautiful place!

I’ve always loved the by-gone days of covered bridges. I would imagine driving a convertible Model A Ford through the covered bridges blowing the aooga horn as I went. I’m happy that many areas I’ve traveled from the extreme northwest to the New Englands, folks have tried to preserve this American heritage. As much as I’ve traveled, I don’t remember seeing these bridges in to many other countries. So to me, they are something special.

Covered Bridge, Lancaster County, Pa
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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