Enjoying the Calm of Boothbay Harbor

I don’t know. With all the crazy weather and so many folks struggling to get back to normal in the Northeast, I just had to go through my arsenal of photos and find a more peaceful time when I was there. One early summer evening in Maine, when I was sitting on the harbor in Boothbay, enjoying the stillness of the unseasonably cool night, I took this photo. It’s nothing special. I just remember the peace I found just sitting there alone. I was actually freezing, while people back home in Phoenix, were unseasonable hot, smelting in the desert. A few days later in Maine it became unseasonably hot in the 90’s. We decided to cut our trip short because it became too hot in Maine. A 105 degrees in Phoenix feels better than 90 degrees in Maine. Go figure!

Most of us just want things to be normal. I wish for folks that our struggling with the cold and their losses, will soon find their normal again. Things always come back around. I guess that’s hard to believe when you’re sitting in the midst of a crisis. But it will happen.. in time!

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The Calm of Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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