Big Island

Marginata and Cordyline Plants hugging the foreground in Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii’s outdoor plants are indoor tropical plants in the states. Since my main business is dealing with indoor tropicals, it’s quite a treat to see the plants I work with everyday, in their natural habitat. I love the vivid colors of Hawaii. This photo is “el naturel”.

Daily Photo:

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Marginata & Cordyline on Big IslandDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Marginata & Cordyline on Big Island
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Garden,Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

While on a visit to Kona, Hawaii, we stopped by the Outrigger Hotel to catch some sunset photos. This interesting garden with lagoon and tiki torches made for some great reflective photos. Hawaii gives you all the elements of colorful surroundings. You just have to have fun and set up the shots that catch your attention. Evening shots are always my favorite time for shooting and in Hawai that’s the time I come alive.

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Garden at Outrigger Hotel, Kona
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Puna Coast at Sunset, Big Island, Hawaii

Daily Photo:

Volcanic rock seashores on the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii are rugged and hard to maneuver when you’re carrying a tripod and photo gear. One fall and you’re pretty busted up, especially wearing sandals. But the beauty pulls you in, and all you can think about is finding a scenic vantage point and then wait for the right moment to capture this memorable place. When you’re there, you never want to leave. When you’re gone, all you think about, is when can I come back.

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Puna Sunset, Hawaii

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Kapoho Tide Pools on the Big Island

Daily Photo:

You may be wondering what the heck this is, but be assured it’s all part of the lifestyle along the coast at Kapoho on the Big Island south of Hilo. Homes along the volcanic coast, dig out their backyards and volcanic heat  seeps up through the ground heating these tide pools. Nothing like a nice warm pool in your backyard. The tide rolls in keeping a nice balance of hot and cold. As you’re standing in one of these tide pools you can feel the heat coming up from the floor of the pool. They all have fish in them and a variety of other sea creatures. One pool we were in, would trap sea turtles that would hang out until the tide rose again. It was fun swimming with them. The mix of fresh and salt water caused the water to be brackish and that made for some interesting underwater distortions in vision. Kinda cool!

Kapoho Tide Pools
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Umauma Falls Hawaii

To see this falls you must enter the World Botanical Gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii. A triple falls with beautiful red cordeline plants in the foreground.

This was a fun photo to take. I used a vertical pan stitching 3 photos together and then tonemapped with Photomatix to give it a touch of zip. Beautiful gardens abound on this botanical wonderland. I spent half the day photographing in the gardens.

Umauma Falls.

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Tropical Brook in Hawaii

Along the loop trail going to Akaka Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii, this small little stream has caught my eye a number of times. You pass over a small bridge and it just catches you. Definitely gives you the feeling of a tropical rain forest. I did a longer exposure to smooth out the water and soften things up a bit. You can almost feel the cool breeze looking at.

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Akaka Falls cascades
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Gazebo, Kona, Hawaii

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Things just seem so colorful in Hawaii. After watching and photographing a fabulous sunset, we wandered around the hotel grounds taken advantage of some night shots. This little gazebo I’m sure, has seen many weddings. A little chapel sits behind us, which I’ll show another day. Some of my favorite times to photograph, is in the evening hours, experimenting with the light and HDR techniques. I get excited when the skies get thick with clouds because it shows off HDR so much more. Let me know how your coming with trying some HDR stuff!

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Gazebo, Kona, Hawaii
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons


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