Turquoise Blue of Cancun, Mexico

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I don’t think you can find more beautiful and warm waters than they have in Cancun, Mexico. I spent a day going in one big circle, wading through the huge long pool, back across the Caribbean Sea and then the pool again. Cancun is one long white sand beach, with hotels lined up the whole stretch. We’ve stayed at various hotels here, but you never grow tired of peering out into this hypnotizing Caribbean Sea.

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun

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Cancun Sunset, Mexico

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As we were cruising north out of Cozumel heading for the port in Galveston, I noticed a line of hotels silohuetted by the sun. It didn’t hit me right away that we were passing Cancun. The next year we were sitting on the beach in Cancun looking east, the other way, seeing the ships passing in the distance. It was kind of cool seeing the different perpectives. I don’t know why I bring this up. It reminds me  of a story I once heard of a man when he was a young boy, fishing in a pond, looking up at a jet passing overhead and dreaming of one day flying in an airplane. Now he’s older sitting in an airplane, looking down below at the lakes and ponds, wishing he was  fishing. Dreams change, perspectives change.. Time plays with us. As much as I’ve traveled and flown all over the world, at the moment, fishing sounds pretty good!

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Cancun Sunset
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