Oh Romeo..Oh Romeo! Venice, Italy

I’m always impressed by how pretty balconies, windows and doors are in Venice. They sure make a statement. I could probably spend the whole day doing nothing but photographing windows, doors and balconies around Venice and Burano.

I did a video not long ago using Venice as a backdrop to a song by Michael Buble called “Home”. Those brave enough to click on the” link” below, can have a taste of me singing around Venice. Let me know if you would like me to post others I have done, or stick to photography, or both. You won’t hurt my feelings.!i=755213640&k=5XcHQmG

Daily Photo:

Balconies in VeniceDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Balconies in Venice
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy

I was taking my chances of ending up in the “drink” in Burano with this photo. You can see by the photo, that I leaned way to far over the water, to get the boat as much in the photo as I could. Any farther and I was in the canal. It’s kind of crazy when I look back, expensive camera and all, would never survive the splash. No one ever said photographers weren’t a little crazy. But, I got the shot!

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Yellow Boat in Burano, ItalyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Midnight Lamplights of Venice

Great time to be out on the streets of Venice is when everybody else isn’t. This obvious requires one to be out late. During the day, you can hardly see the ground for people. They are everywhere, even during times of so called off season, which is when we normally go. It still has it’s magic, inspite of all that, and highly recommended as a major stop if you visit Europe.

Daily Photo:

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Midnight Lamplights of VeniceDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Midnight Lamplights of Venice
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Irish Sunset over Seaweed Bed

It was tricky wandering off in the evening into this rocky seaweed bed. Tide had just gone out and everything was slimey and slippery. But crazy me, I had to find a better spot, so I went out into this wet wonderland, trying to catch the sunset with reflections from the tide pools. As it got darker, trekking back with deep cervasses everywhere, kinda gave me the heebie-jeebie’s. If I fell into one of them, goodbye Charlie. No one was around to hear me. It gave me the spooks, so I got the heck out of there, but not before getting off a shot of a beautiful Irish sunset.

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Red Irish SunsetDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Red Irish Sunset
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy

Just a short boat ride from Venice is a small colorful island community of Burano. Famous for lace, it offers the traveler a rainbow of colors to enjoy, as each home is painted in individually, distinctive colors. Each time we visit Venice, we make plans to stop over in Burano for some serious photography. Venice is great, but quaint Burano has a personality all it’s own. Walk the canal streets, relax at an outside restaurant, take in the locals, admire the rows of homes and gift shops across the island.. and don’t forget your camera.

Daily Photo:

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Yellow Boat in Burano, ItalyDave Morgan, Creative Commons

Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy
Dave Morgan, Creative Commons

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Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy

I thought I would take advantage of the wild flowers growing out of the cliffs in Riomaggiore, as the storm clouds grew above the town. It ‘s quite impressive how the “cliff towns” of Cinque Terre” are carved out of the sides of the mountain that ends in the Ligurian Sea. All the homes and businesses are painted in different pastel colors. A very magical place that has enjoyed tourist for hundreds of years. For photographers and artist, it’s a unique and special wonderland.

Daily Photo:

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Wild Flowers,Riomaggiore,ItalyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Wild Flowers,Riomaggiore,Italy
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Bustling City on Water- Venice, Italy

As anyone who has followed my blog knows, Venice is my favorite city. It has a long history for me, being that I lived close by for a few years in my life. With every return, it’s fun to rediscover. I met my wife outside of Venice and we had the opportunity to go on dates along the canals, enjoy the restaurants, meander through the narrow passageways, go shopping and otherwise get lost in it’s rich history. As I have learned, one never grows tired of Venice, if you reach out with your eyes, ears and thoughts and feel it’s pressence all around you.

Daily Photo:

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Bustling City on Water-VeniceDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Bustling City on Water-Venice
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Taking the Plunge at Krka Falls, Croatia

I never thought the cascades would end. We started at the top and kept following the falls all the way down. The grass was growing in the falls and all around it. I had been to alot of falls, but this one was so different and by far my favorite. It is so accessble at points along it’s banks, making photography very fun and interesting. Krka Falls is located about an hours drive out of Split, Croatia, which is straight east of Venice, across the Adriatic Sea.

Daily Photo

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Grand Canal of Venice, Italy

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of visiting Venice. It has a history for me, for close by is where I met my wife. Venice became I place where we spent our days walking and talking and looking toward the future and all the great things we were going to do. In those days, it was like going to the mall; shopping, eating, and cruising on the canal. Well, I guess you can’t do that at a mall, so that makes Venice a step up from the mall. Like most places, pictures are great, but you have to experience it, up-close, in person, to really catch the magnitude of just about any place.

We just returned from “The Romantic Road”, in Germany where we spent a week touring castles, medieval towns, magical countrysides, the alps, and snow and autumn blending into a picture-perfect backdrop to a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I’ll be bringing you more photos in the weeks and months to come.

Daily Photo:

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Grand Canal of Venice

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Some Town, Somewhere in Ireland

Daily Photo:

These our times when I wish I had a GPS, or something to tell me where I’m at. We had spent the day tirelessly traveling south from Shannon, Ireland to wherever we might end up for the night. We pulled into this picturesque town, got a room and I went out to photograph while it was raining. What could be better then strolling the streets of some Irish town, with no direction in mind, and in the end, not even know what town it is. If you happen to recognize this place, let me know where you think it is. It was a beautiful town!

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Somewhere in Ireland
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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