Moab, Utah-I Hear That Train a Comin’

Daily Photo:

It’s a funny feeling hanging around tracks as an adult. You’re looking all around trying not to get caught. Don’t know if it’s legal or not to have your camera hugging a railroad tie, but it sure felt that way. To think as a child of 9 years old, chasing down a train and jumping on was something we did as kids for kicks. Let’s just say I grew up in a roudy neighborhood near Pittsburgh where getting in trouble was par for the course.

Left of these tracks (east) was Arches National Park and right (west) was Canyonlands National Park. Straight ahead was Moab. Spent 3 days there on a photography trip and enjoyed the heck out of it. Spring or fall is best times to go, unless you’re into hitting the place after a snow storm. Summers are just too crowded with families on vacations.

Moab Utah- I hear the train a comin’
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