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The Old Red Fire Truck

In Arizona at Goldfields Ghost Town sits this old fire truck peacefully at rest behind the rustic western stores. It was pretty far after dusk when I tried to pull the last light out of the sky to catch this HDR. Long exposures can create some fun effects. The colors can grow to be deeper. No color was added in post. I rarely enhance color in photoshop and this one was created by adding a small amount of contrast.

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Old Red Fire Truck
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Barrett Jackson Car Auction-Scottsdale, Az.

I love the old big fender antique cars. And where better to enjoy these than at one of the largest car auctions anywhere- Scottsdale, Az each winter. This past winter was great weather, great food and great photo “ops”, and an opportunity to try some HDR photography with cars. The challenge was, lots of people in the way, so it worked best keeping the shots tight. I’ll share more as time goes, but this was one of my favorites.

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction-1
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

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