On Snowy Pond, Germany

It’s hard to tell, but it’s snowing. To a lot of folks, that’s not impressive. But to us, having a snowy day on the “Romantic Road” in Germany last fall, was quite fun. Autumn had set in nicely with everything in blazing color, and then the powdery white blanket, finished it off. This little dock was the perfect find. I shot at numerous angles trying to get just the right shot. I didn’t want to leave, but the cold and getting wet finally moved me back to the vehicle. And off we went, on back roads, trying to get lost in this wonderful wanderland.

On Snowy PondDave Morgan-Creative Commons

On Snowy Pond
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Gaulweither Pond in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany

Just outside the gates to this walled city is a cool little pond that I heard is a great spot for night shots. Actually the whole city is a great place for night photography. The geese were restless, knowing I was on the banks of Gaulweither Pond that dark and lonely night last fall. I was hoping they would stay still, since I was taking long exposures. It took quite a few shots to find one where they weren’t moving around.

Daily Photo:

Gaulweiher Pond, GermanyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Gaulweiher Pond, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sittin’ on the Dock of Snowy Pond in Germany

Returning on the “Romantic Road” from Neushwanstein Castle in Germany, we found this neat little dock on a pond. My wife wasn’t that excited about jumping out of the car, into the cold, sit on a wet dock, with it snowing. But I saw an opportunity to spice up an already incredible scene, with a personal touch. When I went to the limit and ask that young beautiful woman to splash the water with her foot, for a cinemagraph, I pushed her to the limit of cold. I had a lot of warming up to do. Nice memory.

Daily Photo:

Sittin' on the Dock of a Snowy Pond in GermanyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Sittin’ on the Dock of a Snowy Pond in Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Model of Neuschwanstein Castle in the Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

You can’t hardly go to the “fairy castle”, without taking a tour through the castle. It’s an amazing piece of art, with drama and dark history to go with it. It’s crazy what money and power can buy, even if it takes getting to the point of bankruptcy, to accomplish it. Inspite of that it’s quite a journey into someone’s dream.

Daily Photo:

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Neuschwanstein Castle,ModelDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Neuschwanstein Castle,Model
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Christmas Stores in Rothenburg, Germany

I guess it’s Christmas everyday in Rothenburg, with so many stores that specialize in Christmas goods. It sure felt like Christmas to us in October this year. Snow was coming down, it was downright cold. Everything was lit up and these little stores had their displays in the windows. Quite the way to get into the spirit of things. Merry Christmas to you all.

Daily Photo:

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Christmas in Rothenburg, GermanyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Christmas in Rothenburg, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Statue of James & Wilbur Grimm, Hanua, Germany

We flew into Frankfurt busted tired. A  flight all the way from Phoenix, Az can do things to you. It was 8:00 a.m. and I told my wife we should find a place to acclimate and get some rest. I said; just find a town on the outskirts of Frankfurt and we’ll hit the “Romantic Road” to start our journey south from there. We ended up in Hanua. Later in the day, we ventured out from our hotel room and found this piazza. We took pictures standing next to the statue not realizing it was the “Brothers Grimm”.They are among the most well-known storytellers of European folk tales. Some of the most famous ones are: Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, the Frog Prince, Rapunzel and Snow White.

Daily Photo:

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Lamp Lights of Fussen, Germany

It was definitely a cold night out roaming around Fussen. We had just spent the day visiting Neuschwanstein Castle and decided to spend the night down the hill in Fussen. Not many folks were out. I was the only one taking pictures. Kind of felt like I had the town to myself. Gave me time to relax and not feel rushed about having people in the way. This shot was taken of one of the major shopping streets in town. Best part was a full moon, but I’ll show those another time.

Daily Photo:

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Lamp Lights of Fussen, GermanyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Lamp Lights of Fussen, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Snowy Tracks along the Romantic Road in Germany

Can anyone see the snow coming down? I get a kick out of photographing tracks. This one caught my attention because of the snow coming down and I’m always looking for “leading lines” in photography. The lines of the tracks lead you through the photo, down the tracks to where they look like their eventually touching. I put the tripod as low as it would go, and balanced the tracks in the middle. Look for “leading lines” in nature and you will probably find yourself creating a nice interesting photo to share.

Daily Photo:

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Snowy Tracks in Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Along the Roof Tops of Rothenberg,Germany

It’s quite a climb through the narrow spiral staircase that takes one to the top of the City Hall Tower. I kept thinking how can these steps get any narrower and they did. By the time I climbed through what was now a hole to the top, it got pretty queasy. They would only allow a certain number of tourist up on top of the tower at a time, which was a good thing considering how cramped the space was. But wow, what a view. With fresh snow from the night before blanketing the roof tops and countryside in the distance, it was quite breathtaking. With screening all around you, finding a hole to poke your camera through was a challenge. I would definitely say, Rothenburg was one of the more scenic towns on the Romantic Road in Germany. It was snowing the 1st day we arrived, and that for us, made it even more special.

Daily Photo:

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Snowy Roof Tops of Rothenburg, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Castle Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany

Ludwig II’s fairy tale castle, as it is sometimes called is the climax to the “Romantic Road” trip through southern Germany into Bavaria. Autumn was in full blaze when we arrived the evening before. Snow was forecasted to be moving in and the small town of Schwangau, we decided to stay in, was completely fogged in. The next morning of our planned trip to the “fairy tale”  castle didn’t look to promising with everything still fogged in. I guess the weather gods heard our cry for clear passage, for by noon the skies had cleared into a beautiful blue day, which allowed us to hike higher into the mountains above the castle and catch this shot. Made you feel like you were in a dream, sitting on top of the world.

Daily Photo:

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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