Christmas Stores in Rothenburg, Germany

I guess it’s Christmas everyday in Rothenburg, with so many stores that specialize in Christmas goods. It sure felt like Christmas to us in October this year. Snow was coming down, it was downright cold. Everything was lit up and these little stores had their displays in the windows. Quite the way to get into the spirit of things. Merry Christmas to you all.

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Christmas in Rothenburg, GermanyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Christmas in Rothenburg, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Along the Roof Tops of Rothenberg,Germany

It’s quite a climb through the narrow spiral staircase that takes one to the top of the City Hall Tower. I kept thinking how can these steps get any narrower and they did. By the time I climbed through what was now a hole to the top, it got pretty queasy. They would only allow a certain number of tourist up on top of the tower at a time, which was a good thing considering how cramped the space was. But wow, what a view. With fresh snow from the night before blanketing the roof tops and countryside in the distance, it was quite breathtaking. With screening all around you, finding a hole to poke your camera through was a challenge. I would definitely say, Rothenburg was one of the more scenic towns on the Romantic Road in Germany. It was snowing the 1st day we arrived, and that for us, made it even more special.

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Snowy Roof Tops of Rothenburg, Germany
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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