Bar Harbor

Enjoying a porch in Bar Harbor, Maine

That’s “Bah-Hah-Bah”, to the locals. Each time we have visited Bar Harbor, we end up staying at the same B&B. We spent many hours on this porch in the evening, working on photos and the blog. We love the old fashion feel of just kicking back, enjoying the outdoor weather, with no T.V., no radio..ah except for the modern day vices..our laptap! I guess we could have gone without it, but that didn’t sound like any fun.

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Bar Harbor, Maine B&B

Bar Harbor, Maine B&B

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Red Maple and Rhododendron in Bar Harbor, Maine

Daily Photo:

We’ve found early June, late May is a great time to visit Bar Harbor, Maine. Flowers are in full bloom and the tourist season hasn’t quite begun. Easy time to find B&B’s and we love the cooler weather and sitting out on porches at night. Don’t get much chance to do that in Phoenix in the summer. This sign leads down to a path that ends up at the bay. After dinner is a great time to walk along the bay and enjoy the sunset.

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Red Maple in Bar Harbor, Maine
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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