Glade Creek Grist Mill-Revisit in West Virginia

I had to go and try it again this past fall, ahead of a trip to Germany. I had heard the changing leaves in North Carolina and West Virginina were exceptional and that was my cue. Nothing is more fun than crawling up some wooded back road, not knowing what’s up around the next bend. The county roads go on forever. Getting lost was part of the experience, where GPS was a waste of time. The Grist Mill happens to be the most photographed spot in West Virgina. Something out of a Kinkade painting. I’m sure he made many trips here in the fall. There is no better time to come.

Daily Photo:

Autumn at Glade Creek Grist MillDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Autumn at Glade Creek Grist Mill
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Living on the Edge-Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

It’s quite exhilarating, standing on the vertical edge of this mammoth gorge along the Colorado River in Arizona. This spot is just a few miles from Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell. It sits high on the list for favorite stops for amateur and professional photographers alike. Every photographer that visits Arizona wants this shot in their portfolio. I showed up for sunset photos and early before sunrise shots, which is what you see here. Check out the Category, “Arizona” for more shots of Horseshoe Bend.

Daily Photo:

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Vista Horseshoe BendDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Vista Horseshoe Bend
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Reflections of El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, Ca

Daily Photo:

It was one of those, “I wonder if I can get the whole thing in the picture” moments. El Capitan was huge in front of me as I searched for a possible spot to catch a mirror image in the stream. The other challenge was I knew I had to be on a bit higher ground for the reflection in the water to line up correct. I saw an embankment further down the stream with still water in front of it and thought it might work, so I headed for it. Got up on top of the ledge and, wallah, it was a perfect spot. With my wide angle lens stretched out to the max I framed up the perfect picture reflection of El Capitan. As a landscape photographer, you get excited when it all comes together. I used a 16-35mm canon lens to capture this shot. Three images were taken and then merged into Photomatix, then post-processed in Topaz and CS5.

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Reflections of El Capitan
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smokey Sunset at The Grand Canyon, Az

Daily Photo:

When I first saw all the smoke and haze hugging the Colorado River and canyon walls below, I didn’t think much about photographing it. But the more I looked at it and the way the layers of canyons went off in the distance, maybe I can pull something out in HDR. With Photomatix, Topaz and a little Photoshop, it all came together and created it’s own kind of mood. The Grand Canyon kind of does that to you anyway.

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Smokey Grand Canyon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunset in Canyonlands, Utah

Daily Photo:

I spent a number of nights and one early morning capturing this majestic location called, Green River Overlook in Canyonlands. This particular evening the wind was whipping up out of the canyon and I didn’t dare let go of my tripod for fear it would end up in the deep crevasse that was just behind me. I stayed low to the ground for fear I would be thrown into the deep hole also.  A half  dozen of us  avid photographers were teetering on one rock all vying for our spot to catch the sunset. One by one they drifted away and I held my ground ’til the bitter end and the bitter cold.

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Sunset Over Canyonlands
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Snake River Idaho

Daily Photo:

I wander if airplane pilots can actually see those balls hanging from the sky on wires. This vantage point was quite impressive looking down on the Snake River. Can anyone tell me, what is directly to my right of the photo? If you know, drop a comment. I’ll share this weekend what it is, if no one figures it out. It’s even more impressive than the snake river photo!

Snake River, Idaho
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Kayaking The Wailua River, Kauai

Daily Photo:

On our trip last week to Kauai, we decided it was time to navigate the Wailua River in a kayak. We had been to Kauai a number of times and don’t know why we hadn’t done it sooner, because it was a blast. The goal is to row up to a drop-off point, hike a mile into the jungle to a secret falls, and then row back out another mile to the ocean. Sad to say I didn’t take my pro photo gear with me, because of the threat of getting it wet. We managed to get our lunch all the way to the falls without it getting wet, so the next time I’ll chance the trip with gear. It was awesome enough to catch some great shots. Scenery was out of this world and definitely something you ought to try if you get over there.

This shot was taken at a small loading ramp where we put in our kayaks. Straight out to the left is Smith’s Tropic Paradise where we went to a Luau the next day.

Kayaking the Wailua River
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Pittsburgh Skyline from Mt Washington

I’m from Pittsburgh, Pa and was back visiting family for July 4th. I use to work in downtown Pittsburgh at the young age of 18, as a clothes salesman at Horne’s. I don’t even know if they’re still around.  I missed the flight back to Phoenix, so I decided to spend the evening on top of a hill overlooking Pittsburgh at sunset.  As a kid living there I had no interest in photographing Pittsburgh. It wasn’t until later years and traveling alot did I notice that Pittsburgh has one of the most beautiful skylines of any city, especially from the vantage point high on a hill overlooking it all.

Knowing the Pirates were playing at the ballpark below (center left) made the evening even more special. The lights were so bright I had to crop it out because it dominated the photo. This photo was taken with 3 images merged in Photomatix.

Pittsburgh Skyline
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Glade Creek Grist Mill, West Virginia

Glade Creek Grist Mill is located in Babcock State Park in West Virgina. I had seen photos of this location for years and always wanted to go there and take a shot at it. As always timing is everything. I had check when fall foliage was at it’s peak and planned my trip. Just before leaving on any trip, I check the weather forecast. A big front was moving through with lots of rain and wind. I postponed my trip to go after the storm had passed. Got there and 40 mile an hour winds had blown 80% of the colorful autumn leaves off the trees. Who would have known. Got up early and did the best I could and I’ll be sharing those photos.

Glade Creek Grist Mill
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Krka Falls Run-off, Croatia

About an hour and half out of Split, Croatia is the Krka Falls National Park. Krka Falls is one of the most beautiful falls I think I  have ever seen. At the bottom it flows out into a beautful river through the mountains. This photo was taken as an HDR with 3 shots merged in Photomatix and post processed into Photoshop cs5.

Krka Falls River
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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