Glacier National Park

St Mary’s Lake at Glacier National Park

This is one of the most popular spots to stop and take a picture of St Mary’s Lake. Cars would stop,  someone would jump out, take a quick picture, and off they went. I knew the sunset was going to be special, so I hung out, marked my spot, and waited for the perfect moment. Knowing the rule of sunsets; when the sun cast it’s orange, yellow and red hues, it’s not over, yet that’s when most photographers pack it in. I like to wait for the possible second round of color, the more soft, purple pastels. They don’t always come, but when they do, it’s magic.

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St Mary's Lake, Glacier National ParkDave Morgan-Creative Commons

St Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Cruisin’ Through Glacier Bay, Alaska

I don’t think I’ve felt farther from civilization, then I felt in Glacier Bay, Alaska. It’s like you get a flat tire there, you’re gonna be eaten by wolves. Well being on a cruiseship, it could break down. I guess that’s not a bad thing. By the time you eat up all the food, another cruiseship is barreling through. You might get a little tired of the entertainment.

Not many people go out on deck, when cruising in Alaska. The air, even in the summer is quite cold, when the boat is moving. But the scenery is like nowhere else in the world. My guess is the only place close, would be up in Sweden and Norway, through the fjords, and down in New Zealand through Fjordland. Got to put those on my bucket list.

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Glacier Bay, AlaskaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Glacier Bay, Alaska
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Glowing Sunset of St. Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

It was at the end of the season for Glacier National Park. After seeing St. Mary’s Lake during the day, I knew I had to come back to hit this spot for a sunset shot. This is one of the more popular spots and the clouds that day gave me a clue that the sunset could be interesting. I wasn’t disappointed, as many fellow photographers lined up for this amazing sunset.

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St. Mary's Lake, Glacier National ParkDave Morgan-Creative Commons

St. Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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St Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

Daily Photo:

It was getting near sunset and I had my doubts about trekking on a 1 mile hike out to St Mary Falls, alone. This is Wyoming, wild bear country and I have a fear about bears. I’ve run into them face-to-face before, seen them on many trails and I’m not fond of it. I never ventured out this late in the day, but I knew this would be the perfect time to catch a good shot of the falls. An Asian couple was speeding by me and I ask if I could tag along. We made it to the falls in record time. They wanted to snap a quick picture and head back. I convinced them to hang out for a little while so I could get my gear set up and snap a few different perspectives. They lasted for about 5 minutes and I did not want to be left behind, so I packed it in and we headed back. It doesn’t take much to spook yourself when you’re traveling alone. This stop was late in the season and they were closing Glacier National Park for the winter in just a few days. I was on a 6000 mile, two month journey to hit all the National Parks in the Northwest, including some in Canada. I kept moving south and autumn was coming in full bloom. I’ll share some of those another time.

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