Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero, California

High above a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean is Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was exciting arriving during a period when flowers blanketed the hillsides. Imagine how treacherous it was for mariners traveling at night in these rocky coastal waters. I can still feel the cold wind whipping up from below the cliffs, when I view this photo.

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Pigeon Point, Pecadero, CalifDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Pigeon Point, Pecadero, Calif
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Golden Sunset of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The changing winds of winter, sometimes makes us long for the golden warm sands of a tropical beach somewhere. I just checked weather.com. It’s going to be 88 degrees and sunny in Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. Pretty much what it was when I took this sunset photo over the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Vallarta. It’s raining this evening in Phoenix. I can’t remember when we last had rain here. It’s been a long time and we are excited. Our 1st winter storm. So with the cooler weather, what better time then now, to put a log on the fire and dream about sunny beaches in some far off southern tropical paradise! “Hasta La Vista..Baby”!!

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Golden Sunset of Puerto VallartaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Golden Sunset of Puerto Vallarta
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Marginata and Cordyline Plants hugging the foreground in Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii’s outdoor plants are indoor tropical plants in the states. Since my main business is dealing with indoor tropicals, it’s quite a treat to see the plants I work with everyday, in their natural habitat. I love the vivid colors of Hawaii. This photo is “el naturel”.

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Marginata & Cordyline on Big IslandDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Marginata & Cordyline on Big Island
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunset over Pacific Coast Highway near Monterey, California

We were down shooting video and stills of Julia Pfeiffer State Park as the sun was setting. As dusk fell we headed north to Monterey, only to be stopped by this after-glow of amazing sunset colors. We just had to pull over and take advantage of the moment. This coastline near Big Sur, California has got to be one of the world’s most scenic drives

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Boulders on Northern California Coast

The fog had lifted somewhat and patches of blue started to appear. Pretty normal summer weather along the California Coast. We manage to make it up along the coast each year, typically in the summer, when weather in Phoenix is blistering hot. It’s a great change and one of the best places for coastal photography with coves, cliffs, mountainous regions and of course fog!

Boulders on Northern California Coast
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Coast near Lincoln City, Oregon

Oregon Coast with it’s fog and clouds never disappoints for a dramatic HDR shot. Summers are cool and we look for any excuse to get out of the Arizona heat and venture up to Oregon in summer to spend a week exploring the coast lines.

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Raw Oregon Coast
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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A Glimmer of Sunset in Alaska


The TravelBugster is out traveling on “The Romantic Road” this week. Anyone want to guess where in the world this is? Leave a comment and let me know if you can guess it? No Google, No cheating!

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It had been cloudy, and the expectation of a sunset were pretty slim. But I waited, talking to a couple sitting on the cold, windy deck, trying to stay warm under some blankets from their room. As I was adjusting my camera for the sunset, right in front of me, in the water, a whale came up and spouted his spray, which reached all the way up to the deck I was on. I yelled to the couple, come check out the whale, but as quickly as it came, it was gone. I had a great view of it, but the couple didn’t. You can’t plan for these things, but it doesn’t hurt to be at the right place at the right time, at least waiting for something to happen. In my case a fleeting sunset. It wasn’t much, but it turned out to be an event worth going out for.

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Alaskan Sunset on the Volendam
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Golden Gate Bridge from Bakers Beach, San Francisco

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I was waiting patiently for the two guys sitting on the rocks to move on, but then I took another look and liked how they were seemingly fixated on the bridge. Beautiful summer day, weather was great, and tourist were crawling around the rocks trying to get a better view. Bakers Beach is in my opinion, is one of the better viewpoints for the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Golden Gate from Bakers Beach
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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The Rugged Oregon Coast

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This is the 1st year in many that we didn’t tour along the Oregon coast. I really wanted to, but it didn’t fit into our busy travel schedule this summer. Who knows it might still happen, but other trips are planned for the coming weeks.

This photo was taken along the coast cliffs north of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

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Central Oregon Coast
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sea Weed Garden in Ireland

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The tide had just gone out and I was sloshing through the sea weed covered jagged rocks, slipping and sliding, looking for the best spot to catch my 1st Ireland sunset. It was a challenge getting out to a good spot knowing what I had to do to get there, but it was an entirely different challenge trying to figure out how to navigate my way back out, once it got dark. The whole area was riddled with crevasses that went deep and if you fell into one, there was no one around to help you get out, and of course the returning tide would have the last word. It was scary to say the least. But, I got some dramatic sunsets that Ireland is famous for! I guess that made it worth it!

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Sea weed reflections Ireland
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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