Bryce Canyon

The Majestic Bryce Canyon, Utah

You’re pretty much awe struck when you approach the edge of Bryce Canyon at various view points. There is really nothing quite like it. It’s inspiring and definitely perspiring when you decide to go down into this huge hole. Problem is you have to eventually climb back out. And in the higher altitudes it’s an undertaking. But you forget about that and concentrate on the more important task at hand.. “footagraphy”. That’s my way of saying, you walk a few feet up hill, stop, check out the view,take a picture, walk up a few feet, stop,check out the view, take a picture, etc. That way nobody notices that your panting for air, about ready to faint from the strenuous uphill climb. Next time you’re climbing a big hill, about to faint try, “footagraphy”!

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The Majestic Bryce Canyon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Thor’s Hammer, Bryce National Park, Utah

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Hiking down into this canyon was a thrill until it was time to hike back out. That’s when I knew how out of shape I was. There were these folks in their 80’s that were zipping back and forth, up the switch backs like it was nothing. I was embarrassed! I came back home and put myself on a diet and lost 30 pounds. Nothing like a bunch of 80 somethings to motivate you back into shape. Living at sea level in Phoenix, I blamed it on the high altitude in Utah. I guess in the end “no excuses”!

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Thor’s Hammer, Bryce Canyon, Utah
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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