Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, California

The frigid clear waters of Lake Tahoe are surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This alpine lake is a natural, as it gets it water primarily from snow melt. Tour Boats come and go daily to this Cove. We hiked for what seemed like miles down to Vikingsholm Mansion. This photo was taken on the beach in front of the mansion. How would you like to wake up to this view everyday?

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Emerald Bay, Lake TahoeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Marginata and Cordyline Plants hugging the foreground in Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii’s outdoor plants are indoor tropical plants in the states. Since my main business is dealing with indoor tropicals, it’s quite a treat to see the plants I work with everyday, in their natural habitat. I love the vivid colors of Hawaii. This photo is “el naturel”.

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Marginata & Cordyline on Big IslandDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Marginata & Cordyline on Big Island
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Boulders on Northern California Coast

The fog had lifted somewhat and patches of blue started to appear. Pretty normal summer weather along the California Coast. We manage to make it up along the coast each year, typically in the summer, when weather in Phoenix is blistering hot. It’s a great change and one of the best places for coastal photography with coves, cliffs, mountainous regions and of course fog!

Boulders on Northern California Coast
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Golden Gate Bridge from Bakers Beach, San Francisco

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I was waiting patiently for the two guys sitting on the rocks to move on, but then I took another look and liked how they were seemingly fixated on the bridge. Beautiful summer day, weather was great, and tourist were crawling around the rocks trying to get a better view. Bakers Beach is in my opinion, is one of the better viewpoints for the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Golden Gate from Bakers Beach
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Moon Over The Gold Nugget, Shell Beach, California

Daily Photo:

The golden hues of the sunset on this giant rock or “Sea Stack” of sorts, kind of reminded me of a huge “gold nugget”. I wander if there is one, somewhere buried deep in the earth, waiting to be found. One gold piece that size would make you rich as Bill Gates. I digress.

This beautiful beach we stayed at this summer, is called Shell Beach, which is just north of the infamous party beach-Pismo Beach. We were there a few days before July 4th celebrations and from our room high on the cliffs of Shell Beach, we could watch the R.V’s and campers clamouring through the sand dunes, looking to find a place on the beach to celebrate the 4th. Pismo Beach is one of the few beaches I know of, where you can drive right down on the beach and set up camp. Pretty cool idea.

In 1971, while stationed at Vandenburg Air Base, I had the rare opportunity on Pismo Beach, to see the┬ábioluminescence of phytoplankton, light up the waves and our footprints as we walked. I have never seen it since. I have heard, the Island of Viques, off Puerto Rico, has seen these little “light up in the dark fish”.

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Gold Nugget, Shell Beach

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun, Mexico

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I don’t think you can find more beautiful and warm waters than they have in Cancun, Mexico. I spent a day going in one big circle, wading through the huge long pool, back across the Caribbean Sea and then the pool again. Cancun is one long white sand beach, with hotels lined up the whole stretch. We’ve stayed at various hotels here, but you never grow tired of peering out into this hypnotizing Caribbean Sea.

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun

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Puna Coast at Sunset, Big Island, Hawaii

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Volcanic rock seashores on the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii are rugged and hard to maneuver when you’re carrying a tripod and photo gear. One fall and you’re pretty busted up, especially wearing sandals. But the beauty pulls you in, and all you can think about is finding a scenic vantage point and then wait for the right moment to capture this memorable place. When you’re there, you never want to leave. When you’re gone, all you think about, is when can I come back.

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Puna Sunset, Hawaii

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Pua Mana Beach Front-Lahaina, Maui

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This area of Lahaina was perfect for beach shots. The palm trees swung out toward the ocean, so it was easy to frame a good picture. I learned of the world renowned Australian photographer Peter Lik while visiting Lahaina. He has a Photo Gallery in downtown Lahaina and it’s quite impressive. I was inspired by his landscape photography some years ago and still try to figure out some of his techniques. He’s worth the visit.

Lahaina, Maui
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunrise in Kapa’a, Hawaii

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Hawaii is always a great place to get out of the summer heat of Phoenix. Each morning I would set the alarm for 5:45, throw on a pair of shorts and sandals and stumble out the door 50Ft to the beach to get the sunrise. Most mornings the clouds were in the way, but this morning it opened up long enough to get a shot or two. Then it started raining and off I’d run back to the condo and back to bed to wake up a decent hour. After all in Hawaii, what’s the hurry for just about anything.

Sunrise in Kapa’a, Hawaii
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Kei Beach Sunset, Kauai

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Kei Beach is on Kauai’s extreme west shore. It’s at the end of the road. Many hikers take off from Kei Beach to hike Napali Coast. I decided we would do that another time. Many people come from all over the island just to sit in the sand and watch the sunset. This night rain kept shaking up the party and folks would go running for cover. As quickly as sunset came it went and then a nice down pour that pretty much ended the party. I spent most of my time underneath the trees trying to keep my equipment dry. In the end it was a race to the car, but not before catching this nice glow.

Kei Beach Sunset, Kauai
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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