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Foggy Central Coast, California

After spending the night near Point Reyes, California, we drove the next morning to Point Reyes lighthouse. As we approached, the weather turned more and more foggy. When we arrived at the lighthouse we stood looking over the hill into the distance at nothingness, as we were completely fogged in. We never did see the lighthouse. We decided to drive north up the coast and found pure bliss just north of Jenner. As the day past, the fog lifted and an incredible rocky flowery coast beckoned us to spend the day. Which we did!

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Central Coast California
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Cancun Sunset, Mexico

Daily Photo:

As we were cruising north out of Cozumel heading for the port in Galveston, I noticed a line of hotels silohuetted by the sun. It didn’t hit me right away that we were passing Cancun. The next year we were sitting on the beach in Cancun looking east, the other way, seeing the ships passing in the distance. It was kind of cool seeing the different perpectives. I don’t know why I bring this up. It reminds me  of a story I once heard of a man when he was a young boy, fishing in a pond, looking up at a jet passing overhead and dreaming of one day flying in an airplane. Now he’s older sitting in an airplane, looking down below at the lakes and ponds, wishing he was  fishing. Dreams change, perspectives change.. Time plays with us. As much as I’ve traveled and flown all over the world, at the moment, fishing sounds pretty good!

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Cancun Sunset
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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Sunset Over The Canyonlands, Utah


“After light” or some may call it “light after the light”. No matter what you call it, as a photographer you wait ’til the bitter end before you pack up your photo gear and hike back in the dark, no matter where you’re at.  The sunset has different stages of light and color as it projects out in the atmosphere and bounces off the different layers of clouds. I was with a group of photographers in the Canyonlands of Utah at Green River Overlook. We talked all things photography, one being, “you wait for the “light after the light” before you pack it in. We were not having any sunset, for the clouds were thick on the western horizon. It was cold and extremely windy and we all decided to call it a day and head back to the parking lot. Just as we got to our cars, a sliver of light come cracking through under the clouds and lit the entire sky red. Like a bunch of crazy’s, we ran back to the edge of the canyon to set back up, as the red quickly melted away. I mananged to get a few shots off before it was all gone. No one else faired as well. As we packed one last time, and kicked ourselves in the butt, we all rehearsed in our minds, ” wait for the “light after the light”.

Sunset Over The Canyonlands
Dave Morgan
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The Wishing Well- Balboa Park, San Diego

Daily Photo:

As most HDR photographers know, cloud formations add alot of character to HDR shots and a whole lot of fun in the post-processing.  San Diego this week was cloudy or should I correctly say, the “marine layer” was hovering over the city for most of the days we were there. This is great for photography, not so great if you want to lay on the beach. We spent time in Balboa Park around the museums. The Spanish Baroque architecture is elaborate and a thrill to photograph. It definitely takes you back to another era.

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“The Wishing Well”-Dave Morgan

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Barrett Jackson Car Auction-Scottsdale, Az.

I love the old big fender antique cars. And where better to enjoy these than at one of the largest car auctions anywhere- Scottsdale, Az each winter. This past winter was great weather, great food and great photo “ops”, and an opportunity to try some HDR photography with cars. The challenge was, lots of people in the way, so it worked best keeping the shots tight. I’ll share more as time goes, but this was one of my favorites.

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction-1
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

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Bamboo Forest, Maui, Hawaii

Daily Photo:

On the road to Hana, on Maui, the hillsides in certain areas are totally covered with bamboo forest. At the “Garden of Eden” arboretum, many varieties of bamboo trees are grown and displayed along beautiful pathways. I don’t remember which bamboo this was, but I thought it was cool enough to get into and take a photo skyward. It made for a neat effect and ended up being one of favorites along way to Hana.

Bamboo Forest, Maui, Hawaii


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Shops in Positano, Italy

Spending the day driving the Amalfi Coast, it was time to stop and explore the coastal peninsula clifftown of Positano. We had heard and seen movies and photos and the jet-setting crowd’s passion over this rugged coastline for years, we just had to check it out for ourselves. We didn’t have reservations, so we started checking rates at the hotels and quickly decided the prices didn’t fit our budget and travel plans. We were here to rough it a bit and take photos and climb the very winded hills and dales. That we did!

This group of shops was tucked away in one little area of Positano and I knew how colorful it would turn out with a little HDR magic.

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A New Year’s Sunset in Arizona

Wow!! 90 Daily Post and counting!

I took it as a challenge to try and post one photo each day of a journey I’ve taken somewhere in the world in the last few years. About 80% of the photos I post are HDR. I feel there is a story behind each photo and most of the time I let the photo tell most of the story. Though landscapes are my passion, I occasionally wander off into other styles. I travel frequently and my goal is to share with you some of the special places I have visited and hope you find some that can end up on your bucket list. This week I’m photographing some special spots around San Diego and will be bringing them to you soon. Exciting destinations are also planned this summer. Stay tuned and thanks to all for visiting.

Daily Photo:

Each year a buddy of mine throws a New Year’s Party up next to the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix in Arizona. Each year as luck would have it there are spectacular sunsets. He lives on the edge of a preserve that is the foothills of what is pretty much a desert wilderness. As it gets dark you hear the coyotes in the distance and you’re looking over your shoulder for mountain lions that have been spotted frequently enough in the area. My friend starts summoning me back to the party, saying, “It’s not safe out there alone after dark”. I yell back,”Not before I get my shot”! He never goes out beyond his property without a gun. My only weapon is a tripod with a camera attached. It gets creepy after dusk so I head back with hopefully some good shots. You be the judge, but one thing is for sure can’t beat those Arizona sunsets!

New Years Sunset in Arizona
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Laupahoehoe, Maui, Hawaii

Daily Photo:

On April 1st, 1946, a deadly zsunami hit this small fishing community called Laupahoehoe, off the Hana Highway in Maui. Some say the 3rd tidal wave was 50 feet high. No one seem to notice all the water being sucked out of the bay until it was too late. There were 24 students and 4 teachers. One teacher and two students is all that survived.

You can feel how vulnerable you are as you walk around this very low lying bay area to take photos. No where to run to seems to be the feeling you get.

Laupahoehoe, Maui, Hawaii
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan


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Krka Falls, Croatia

Imagine a place where you can walk up to the falls and wander along it’s grassy banks for what seems like a mile, and then swim at the bottom under many falls coming out of the hills all around you. Just straight east of Venice across the Adriatic Sea is Croatia. About an hour trip out of Croatia takes you into a National Park where Krka Falls is located. If you ever get to Croatia, put this one on your list. I think it’s one of the most beautiful falls in the world.

Krka Falls Croatia
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

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