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Amish Country Bed and Breakfast

Lancaster, Pa., has Bed & Breakfast scattered through-out the towns and countryside. We often search out these B&B’s looking for Victorian flairs when we can find them. This particular one had a down home country cottage feel. Just right for a an overnight stay.  The way we travel, with landscape photography in mind, doesn’t always lend itself to totally relaxing and enjoying these kinds of places. But if I can find a porch, it becomes a perfect night for just sitting out and enjoying each others company. Try it sometime, you might like it.

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B&B in Lancaster
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Irelands B&B’s

Daily Photo:

While traveling in Ireland in early September, we found many B&B”s were at the end of their season. It’s a great time to go for prices and alot of the time you’re the only one in the place. I love to photograph B&B’s with their ambient light. It brings a nice warm soft hue to the room. In the evening everyone settles in, so I go  lurking through the halls and open rooms with camera and tripod in hand, and start snapping. The antique furnishings alot of times, is like going through a museum. Most of them are older and when the walls start talking back at you, you get the heebies and go back to your room and lock the door. By morning, the smell of bacon and eggs and pastries wakes you to fine breakfast before heading out for another fun day on the suicidal backroads of Ireland.

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Ireland’s B&B’s
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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