I Have My Eye On You! Arches National Park, Utah

Wide angle lens can be fun especially when you got time on your hands. I was having a rough time in Arches this day trying to get some “near and far” wide angleĀ  HDR landscape shots, but the wind was not cooperating. It was gusting up to 50 mph and it was all I could do to hold my tripod down. Any trees or plants upclose was pretty well distorted and messy. So I went for long shots where the trees weren’t so noticeably blurred. The clouds were moving quick and blurred at 3 HDR shots. Arches is a beautiful place for dramatic shots and you really can’t go to wrong here. My rent-a-car special added some fun to the moment.

Rental Car at Arches National Park
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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“Deco Liner” at Barrett Jackson Car Auction

Daily Photo:

Something you don’t see everyday. Looked like a retro through back to the 50’s. A rare look at the interior. Great place for having some friends over and enjoy refreshments and some crackers and cheese. Saw this contraption at the Barrett Jackson Car Auction in Phoenix, Arizona. Fun times!

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