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Oh Romeo..Oh Romeo! Venice, Italy

I’m always impressed by how pretty balconies, windows and doors are in Venice. They sure make a statement. I could probably spend the whole day doing nothing but photographing windows, doors and balconies around Venice and Burano.

I did a video not long ago using Venice as a backdrop to a song by Michael Buble called “Home”. Those brave enough to click on the” link” below, can have a taste of me singing around Venice. Let me know if you would like me to post others I have done, or stick to photography, or both. You won’t hurt my feelings.!i=755213640&k=5XcHQmG

Daily Photo:

Balconies in VeniceDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Balconies in Venice
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy

I was taking my chances of ending up in the “drink” in Burano with this photo. You can see by the photo, that I leaned way to far over the water, to get the boat as much in the photo as I could. Any farther and I was in the canal. It’s kind of crazy when I look back, expensive camera and all, would never survive the splash. No one ever said photographers weren’t a little crazy. But, I got the shot!

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Yellow Boat in Burano, ItalyDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Yellow Boat in Burano, Italy
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Colors of Autumn at Yellowstone National Park

I guess years ago fires ravaged this area as is evident of the scarcity of trees and low lying bushes and scrubs that have taken there place. It made for some interesting fall colors, just creeping along the ground and out into the meadows. I spent quite a bit of time just wandering through the swampy, low lying area. Kind of felt at home in the muck, sort of speak.

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Glade Creek Grist Mill-Revisit in West Virginia

I had to go and try it again this past fall, ahead of a trip to Germany. I had heard the changing leaves in North Carolina and West Virginina were exceptional and that was my cue. Nothing is more fun than crawling up some wooded back road, not knowing what’s up around the next bend. The county roads go on forever. Getting lost was part of the experience, where GPS was a waste of time. The Grist Mill happens to be the most photographed spot in West Virgina. Something out of a Kinkade painting. I’m sure he made many trips here in the fall. There is no better time to come.

Daily Photo:

Autumn at Glade Creek Grist MillDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Autumn at Glade Creek Grist Mill
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Parliament Building, Victoria, British Columbia

What a beautiful city! In contrast to our 1st visit some years ago. We arrived in gloomy weather and went straight to a B&B we had arranged online, by-passing the city altogether. Boy, did we miss out. The downtown area by the boat harbor is bustling with parks, shopping,hotels, restaurants and lots of history and lots of people. My wife was wondering how we missed all this our 1st visit. We would have had a whole different feeling about the place. Now we plan to come back and spend more time discovering the area.

The Parliament Building lights up at night and is a great spot to just hang out, people watch and photograph.

Daily Photo:

Parliament Building, Victoria, British ColumbiaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Parliament Building, Victoria, British Columbia
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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The Majestic Arches, Utah

Looking toward “Wall Street” to the west, I couldn’t help but stop and take a shot of this huge red sandstone formation. When you’re there, standing, looking up at these rocks, you’re hypnotized by their shear size. The wind was literally blowing me over trying to get this shot. I had both hands on the tripod, waiting for a lull in the wind. When it came I had my shot. The clouds were moving so fast, I thought they might distort in the photo, especially taking 3 shots for an HDR. Arches National Park is an excellent hiking destination. Paths wonder everywhere and are pleasant and easy navigate. Try it!

Daily Photo:

Red Sandstone of ArchesDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Red Sandstone of Arches
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Ye Ole Printing Press

At Goldfields Ghost Town in Apache Junction, lies this old printing press with all it’s intricacies, collecting dust. I thought it would make for an interesting HDR shot. It was quite dark when I found this antique. I set up for delayed exposures. The long exposures kind of lent itself to some artful digital shots.

Daily Photo:

Ye ole Printing PressDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Ye ole Printing Press
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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On the Tail of a Pirate Ship

From the deck of the Cabo Escape in the open waters at the tip of Lands End in Cabo San Lucas, we spotted a rogue Pirate ship at sunset. The captain opened  in a full throttle to push the pirate ship into open waters. As we approached ever so cautiously, it turned out this was another one of those party ships with a bunch of drunk tourist. We turned quickly to the wind at starboard side and hulled butt out of there, as to not be dragged into the rum-soaked fumes of this out of control drunkard ship. At a safe distance we settle back to watch the sun sink into the distant ocean. As I awoke from my run away imagination I realized I was on the drunkard party boat.

Buccaneer Pirate ShipDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Buccaneer Pirate Ship
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

Daily Photo:

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Shipwrecked in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Well not really. Tonight in Cabo we went on the Pirate ship “Buccaneer” and whale watched and sailed over to El Arco. Weather was about as perfect as it gets.

Anyone out there own a Canon 5D? Last night sailing out to El Arco at sunset my camera got weird, malfunctioned and shut down. Opened it up and the mirror fell out the camera. The glue that held the mirror to the camera housing must have loosened up because of the moist, humid air in Cabo.  To say the least, I felt like I was out of business. I went online and found I wasn’t the only person having this problem. Good thing I had a smaller back-up camera, so I could at least get some shots. This one was taken tonight off the front of the Pirate ship, towards the El Arco, to the west. Perfect time in Cabo for whale watching. They were everywhere.

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Buccaneer at Sunset,CaboDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Buccaneer at Sunset,Cabo
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Arizona Desert in Bloom

A rear sight in Phoenix area, is a colorful desert. Maybe every 10 years we will get enough  winter rain to wake up the dormant seeds buried in the desert floor. If so spring comes alive and it’s a crazy time for photographers, who are out in droves. And so we wait for another wet winter..and wait..and wait!

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Arizona Desert FlowersDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Arizona Desert Flowers
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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