A Rare Snowy Superstition Mountains

There I was, minding my own business when a friend of mine called and said,” You have to come out here right away and photograph the most incredible sight you’re ever going to see. It’s snowing on the cactus in my backyard”! Well he lives right at the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. His backyard¬† edges to the preserve. I grabbed my gear and jumped in my car and drove east, watching the snow melting and disappearing, right before my eyes. I got there soon enough to catch a few melting cactus plants with the snowy mountains in the background. This is indeed a rare sight for us desert rats and we get a little crazy when it snows. This may well be our last winter storm. Let’s hope not, cause we can use the moisture.

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It's Snowing on the SuperstitionsDave Morgan-Creative Commons

It’s Snowing on the Superstitions
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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On Snowy Pond, Germany

It’s hard to tell, but it’s snowing. To a lot of folks, that’s not impressive. But to us, having a snowy day on the “Romantic Road” in Germany last fall, was quite fun. Autumn had set in nicely with everything in blazing color, and then the powdery white blanket, finished it off. This little dock was the perfect find. I shot at numerous angles trying to get just the right shot. I didn’t want to leave, but the cold and getting wet finally moved me back to the vehicle. And off we went, on back roads, trying to get lost in this wonderful wanderland.

On Snowy PondDave Morgan-Creative Commons

On Snowy Pond
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Fresh Snow on Germany’s Back Roads

On our tour through Germany on the “Romantic Road” trip, I found myself wanting to get as far off the beaten path as possible, so we would veer onto dirt farm roads and drive through the blazing colors of autumn. When the snow started coming down, it set a whole different mood. The mix between fall and winter was quite exuberating.¬†¬† I would walk the snowy roads, shooting at every turn, while my wife drove in the car, following behind. She didn’t get out of the woods without getting a few snowballs thrown her way!

What I found interesting about this photo, was two separate scenes stuck side-by-side. Winter on the left, Autumn on the right. Crazy!

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Snowy Autumn Back Roads
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Snowy Bike in Rothenburg, Germany

Snow had set in early on this picturesque town of Rothenburg. We ended spending most of the day here, snowing the whole time. It was interesting trying to photograph this town without getting the camera gear completely soaking wet. I kept my camera tucked in my coat, pulling it out, wiping the lens, snapping a quit shot, then tucking it back in. By evening, the snow had stopped and the long exposures needed for the night shots were much easier to get. This town is amazing, with story-book shots around every corner. It was late in the season, but you would never know it with the amount of people that were out and about.

Daily Photo:

I watched the snow accumulate on this neat little bike throughout the day and was hoping no one would disturb it. When the evening crowds decided it was too cold to wander the streets, I came back to catch this shot.

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Snowy Bike, Rothenburg, Germany

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