On the Tail of a Pirate Ship

From the deck of the Cabo Escape in the open waters at the tip of Lands End in Cabo San Lucas, we spotted a rogue Pirate ship at sunset. The captain opened  in a full throttle to push the pirate ship into open waters. As we approached ever so cautiously, it turned out this was another one of those party ships with a bunch of drunk tourist. We turned quickly to the wind at starboard side and hulled butt out of there, as to not be dragged into the rum-soaked fumes of this out of control drunkard ship. At a safe distance we settle back to watch the sun sink into the distant ocean. As I awoke from my run away imagination I realized I was on the drunkard party boat.

Buccaneer Pirate ShipDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Buccaneer Pirate Ship
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Shipwrecked in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Well not really. Tonight in Cabo we went on the Pirate ship “Buccaneer” and whale watched and sailed over to El Arco. Weather was about as perfect as it gets.

Anyone out there own a Canon 5D? Last night sailing out to El Arco at sunset my camera got weird, malfunctioned and shut down. Opened it up and the mirror fell out the camera. The glue that held the mirror to the camera housing must have loosened up because of the moist, humid air in Cabo.  To say the least, I felt like I was out of business. I went online and found I wasn’t the only person having this problem. Good thing I had a smaller back-up camera, so I could at least get some shots. This one was taken tonight off the front of the Pirate ship, towards the El Arco, to the west. Perfect time in Cabo for whale watching. They were everywhere.

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Buccaneer at Sunset,CaboDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Buccaneer at Sunset,Cabo
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Arizona Desert in Bloom

A rear sight in Phoenix area, is a colorful desert. Maybe every 10 years we will get enough  winter rain to wake up the dormant seeds buried in the desert floor. If so spring comes alive and it’s a crazy time for photographers, who are out in droves. And so we wait for another wet winter..and wait..and wait!

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Arizona Desert FlowersDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Arizona Desert Flowers
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Midnight Lamplights of Venice

Great time to be out on the streets of Venice is when everybody else isn’t. This obvious requires one to be out late. During the day, you can hardly see the ground for people. They are everywhere, even during times of so called off season, which is when we normally go. It still has it’s magic, inspite of all that, and highly recommended as a major stop if you visit Europe.

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Midnight Lamplights of VeniceDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Midnight Lamplights of Venice
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Red Sandstone Plateaus, Arizona

Red Sandstone Plateau, ArizonaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Red Sandstone Plateau, Arizona
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

Plenty of red sandstone to go around in northern Arizona. After spending the evening shooting Horseshoe Bend, the hike back takes one past these interesting formations. To see more photos of Arizona and Horseshoe Bend, go to right sidebar under Categories.

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Autumn Falls on Boley Lake, West Virginia

Happy Halloween!!

Time to photograph the kids as they collect lots of candy for me! Maybe it’s just a dream.

Daily Photo:

A visit last week to Babcock State Park was a repeat trip from a few years ago. Trying to hit West Virginia’s most photographed spot at just the right time is difficult to do. While waiting for the sun to set I ran up to Boley Lake, just a mile up the hill, to grab some shots of an incredible lake glowing with color. I spent a few hours hiking around the lake shooting tons of shots. More to share at another time.

Boley Lake, Babcock State Park, West Virginia

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Waterfalls at Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon

Daily Photo:

Japenese Gardens are always alot of fun to photograph. Portland’s  Japanese Gardens, has one of the most impressive man-made waterfalls I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who designed it, but it definitely is a work of art. The Red Maple trees set it off so colorfully and the water cascades down tiers that look quite natural.

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Waterfalls at Japanese Gardens
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Lake Powell, Arizona

Daily Photo:

Lake Powell is one of those kind of lakes you could spend a life time exploring. I’ve done a fair share of exploring, boating, fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, scout outings, performing at the Wahweep Resort, 4th of July’s watching fireworks over Glen Canyon Dam, houseboating, jumping off cliffs, getting lost, and yes, even photographing this marvelous place. This Vista shot is just north Glen Canyon Dam at sunset.

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Lake Powell, Arizona

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Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Daily Photo:

The answer to August 28th post is: Shoshone Falls is to the right of the Snake River Photo. This mammoth waterfalls located near Twin Falls, Idaho is called the”Niagra Falls of the West”. It is 212 ft high and 900 ft wide. If you’re lucky you can catch a rainbow from the spray mist of the falls. It’s all about the angle of the dangle of the sun. Usually the sun is to your back somewhere. Exactly where is pretty scientific and beyond the scope of my brain.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Virgin River and The Watchman, Zion National Park, Utah

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Very famous photo spot in Zion National Park. To get the shot you have to play chicken with the tour busses coming across a bridge you’re standing on, that has no room for you and the bus. I always use a tripod, so as soon as you get your shot framed up and a bus is approaching, you have to hurry up and fold in your tripod and squeeze in at the edge of the bridge and just hope for the best. Obvious they don’t want you there, but wer’e photographers, we’re persisitent and sometimes, always, a bit foolish!

The Watchman, Zion National Park
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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