Amish Country Bed and Breakfast

Lancaster, Pa., has Bed & Breakfast scattered through-out the towns and countryside. We often search out these B&B’s looking for Victorian flairs when we can find them. This particular one had a down home country cottage feel. Just right for a an overnight stay.  The way we travel, with landscape photography in mind, doesn’t always lend itself to totally relaxing and enjoying these kinds of places. But if I can find a porch, it becomes a perfect night for just sitting out and enjoying each others company. Try it sometime, you might like it.

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B&B in Lancaster
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Amish Homesteads in Lancaster, Pa.

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The area around Lancaster, Pa. is quite a treat with covered bridges, manicured landscapes of farms and rolling hills. The locals advertise homemade rootbeer, fruit and vegetable stands along the highways and byways are on the honor system, craftmen and artisans display their wares at  local gift shops and town stores. It all seems a bit retro to another time when life was alot simpler, in some ways, maybe better. Doing without that might be a little tough.

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Amish Farm in Lancaster, Pa
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Farms of Lancaster, Pa

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Anytime we are near Philly, we try to get over to Lancaster County and drive the back roads. The Amish and Mennonite farms are spread out everywhere. They take such care in maintaining their properties, so us tourist can take beautiful pictures. I’m sure that’s not their reason, but I do encourage you to get off the Interstate, slow down and see what life was like 100 years ago. Stop at the roadside farmer’s markets and get some homemade rootbeer. Autumn is the best time to visit. Pick up a map that shows where all the covered bridges are and take the tour around the county checking them out.

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Lancaster County,Pa
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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“Frozen In Time”-Amish Couple-Lancaster County, Pa.

This photo looks like it was taken a 100 years ago, but it was done recently. What a facinating couple! We probably spent 20 minutes talking with this couple about the Amish way of life. They were very friendly asking us about our families and we were curious about their chosen way of life. Afterwords we ask if we could take their picture and they obliged. The horse never moved a muscle, and then they drove off through the covered bridge we were photographing.

Amish Couple, Lancaster, Pa.
Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

This HDR photo was done in Topaz Adjust. I used one of their black and white presets. Black and White seemed to fit the retro feeling of this frozen in time lifestyle. See all my daily photographs at the “Gallery” above. Please leave a comment. Would love to hear from you.

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Red Covered Bridge in Lancaster County, Pa

We planned an extra couple days in Venice, but the town was booked solid. So we changed our plans and decided to fly into Philadelphia and surprise my sister who lives in York, Pa. The surprise was on us..she was in Atlantic City on vacation, so we changed our plans again. We spent the next few days exploring Lancaster County, Pa. What a beautiful place!

I’ve always loved the by-gone days of covered bridges. I would imagine driving a convertible Model A Ford through the covered bridges blowing the aooga horn as I went. I’m happy that many areas I’ve traveled from the extreme northwest to the New Englands, folks have tried to preserve this American heritage. As much as I’ve traveled, I don’t remember seeing these bridges in to many other countries. So to me, they are something special.

Covered Bridge, Lancaster County, Pa
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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