Barrett Jackson Car Auction

The Nightmare Dentist @ Barrett Jackson Car Auction-2013

Years ago I was in the Dental Field and the Dental Surgeon I worked with looked a little like this guy. He was a black man nearing retirement, and every once in a while, he would come into the office looking a little like this guy. He loved a good game of chess, and loved playing with me, because I really wasn’t that good, but I’d let him win once in a while.

So the next time you’re at a Barrett-Jackson car auction, say hi to the resurrected Dr Taylor, who somehow came back as a white guy..HeHe!!

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Cool Motorcycle at Barrett Jackson Car Auction

Daily Photo:

Were traveling in Germany on the Romantic Road and we have run into a blizzard of snow. It makes for some interesting photos with the fall colors contrasted with the snow. Got a lot to share on our return.

I don’t normally take photos of motorcycles, but this one at the Barrett Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale, Az. last winter, really caught my attention. Flat out gorgeous bike. Took me back to my younger days when motorcycling was part of my life. As entertainers traveling around the country, I had a bike rigged to the back of the Van, that could be ramped down onto the road in about 5 minutes. While on tour to our next gig, if a beautiful stretch of back roads caught my eye, I would pull over, get on the bike, turn the Van over to my wife and she would follow me until I was through enjoying the ride. And then we rode the country-sides during the day, playing our gig at night, somewhere in America. We thought we were pretty cool in those days.

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Motorcycle at Barrett Jackson Car Auction
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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