Lake Huron

Mackinac Bridge from Mackinac Island, Michigan

Every evening tourist flock to the west shore to watch the sunset over Mackinac Bridge to the west. Lake Huron stretches out like an ocean, so big you can’t see to the other side. Imagine in the winter, when all tourist have left, this lake turns to ice. For locals, it connects the mainland to the island, and snowmobiles take to the water, or should I say ice, and the boats are dry docked. After Christmas, they line up all the Christmas trees, across the lake as guiding post for the snowmobiles to follow. Pretty clever! I guess the big question each year is; “who is the brave one to test the ice first”. If you’re wrong, goodbye snowmobile and maybe goodbye you!

This photo was taken in mid September this year. We like to visit areas past tourist season. Rooms are easy to find and at a great price. We stayed in a beautiful B&B, we called the day of arrival and got it for $85.00 per night. Not a bad price and the place was fabulous.

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Mackinac Island BridgeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Mackinac Island Bridge
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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