Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset overlooking Colorado River

I imagine many Indians long ago squatted in this same spot, mesmerized by the grandeur of it all, gazing into this mother of canyons at sunset. It will take your breath away, hugging the vertical cliffs. With the wind whipping, you try to hold your ground..or else! Not a pleasant thought falling, but I’m sure it’s happened. For me, I just stare into the sunset, with no care in the world. I came here to absorb this ancient place and take a few photographs. Mission accomplished.

Daily Photo:

Sunset in the Grand CanyonDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Sunset in the Grand Canyon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Taking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Watching the colors of the canyon change as sunset approaches. The distant Colorado River falls into deep shadows, as it snakes through this mammoth hole it’s created. Cameras are clicking all around me, as photographers try to catch this fleeting moment, as the sun sets. I’m probably in the way, sitting there just taking it all in, as if I’m the only one in the universe enjoying this incredible, into one of the 7 wonders of the world. And I really don’t care that I may be in the way.. This moment is mine.

Grand Canyon Vista
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smokey Sunset at The Grand Canyon, Az

Daily Photo:

When I first saw all the smoke and haze hugging the Colorado River and canyon walls below, I didn’t think much about photographing it. But the more I looked at it and the way the layers of canyons went off in the distance, maybe I can pull something out in HDR. With Photomatix, Topaz and a little Photoshop, it all came together and created it’s own kind of mood. The Grand Canyon kind of does that to you anyway.

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Smokey Grand Canyon
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smokey Grand Canyon Sunset

Alaskan Voyage:

It’s been a crazy week traveling up through Alaska and many days no where near any WiFi connection. Lots of rain and cold weather, quite a break from the heat everywhere else. I will be sharing some of the photos from this latest trip in days to come. Meanwhile here’s a photo of a recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

Daily Photo:

Smoke had settled all along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Some say it was from the utility plant up at Page, Az. Others blamed it on the fires in Arizona and Colorado. It created some interesting moods in the canyon below. I took 3 shots to create this image, then merged them in Photomatix. This is pretty much what I saw when I was there. Without HDR, the trees and downed wood would be dark in this photo.

Smoky Grand Canyon Sunset
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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