Amalfi Coast

Shops in Positano, Italy

Spending the day driving the Amalfi Coast, it was time to stop and explore the coastal peninsula clifftown of Positano. We had heard and seen movies and photos and the jet-setting crowd’s passion over this rugged coastline for years, we just had to check it out for ourselves. We didn’t have reservations, so we started checking rates at the hotels and quickly decided the prices didn’t fit our budget and travel plans. We were here to rough it a bit and take photos and climb the very winded hills and dales. That we did!

This group of shops was tucked away in one little area of Positano and I knew how colorful it would turn out with a little HDR magic.

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Cliffside in Positano, Italy

Daily Photo:

Hello fellow “Shutterbugsters”. If you want to ride Italy on the wild side, I tempt you to rent a car and drive all around the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento, through Portofino and the town of Amalfi. If you can come back alive and your vehicle in one piece then you have earned the right to proudly wear the T-shirt that says,”I Drove Amalfi Coast And Survived”! The whole trip is narrow-winding hair-pin curves with busses inches from you.  To say the least it holds a close 2nd to Ireland where you drive on the opposite side of the road, opposite side of the car and did I mention, narrow roads. It’s crazy and well worth the beauty that the Amalfi Coast holds in store for you. This sunset photo was taken high on the cliffs as you’re leaving Portofino heading toward the town of Amalfi.

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