I remember as a teenage 16-17 years old, having a calender in my room of beautiful landscapes of the Alps, Italy, Germany and many places in Europe. I would look at the photos often and dream of one day traveling to these far off places. Years later I was shuffling through old keepsakes my mom had kept for me and come across this old calender. It put a smile on my face as I thumbed through the pages, because I had managed to visited and photograph all the beautiful landscapes that were in the calender. Who would have “thunk” it! Be careful what you dream ‘fore someday it may come true. I gained a love for photography back in those days and my 1st camera, Minolta 101 was never far from my side.

I love travelling to new destinations and try to do so as often as possible. Climb aboard and join me on this lifetime journey as I explore new places and experiment with HDR photography along the way. My goal is to put down a photo every day. There may be times while travelling that I will be out of cyber-range, but that’s part of the journey in the field. Hopefully during these times I have more exciting destinations to share with you my fellow “Shutter Bugsters”. Tutorials are forthcoming and feel free to contact me with questions about HDR photography and photos I have taken. Keep shooting!..”The Travel Bugster”.



15 thoughts on “About

  1. pam

    I love you

  2. Looking forward to new destinations with you!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. What gorgeous photography! I so envy you your travel experiences. Some day….
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    • I hope you have the chance to enjoy more wanderlust. I mentioned a few days ago about how beauty is really all around and we think we have to travel far and wide to take pictures. The beauty of landscape photography for me is it makes you slow down and look at the world..pause and reflect and capture a moment in time that’s etched for constant review. HDR gives you the chance to manipulate the outcome to more closely experience the event, as long as it is not overdone. What do you think?

      • I had to look up what exactly HDR photography is. Sounds complicated but generates dramatic results – especially the intensity of the colors. I like it very much. As a not-even-ametuer photoghrapher, I feel lucky to snap good photos purely by luck. I stand in awe of really skilled artists.

  4. Your photos and your skills are marvelous and I really enjoy reading your blog and every one of your posts. I have given you the One Lovely Blog Award, please follow the link here:


  5. I was just browsing your gallery and I was so stunned at your images!!! Wow, just amazing. Its very nice to be able to take trips like that, you are one blessed guy!!!

  6. Hi! I really enjoy your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!


  7. Hey Dave! It’s Chad from Yosemite.. Just wanted to say you have amazing pictures and look forward talking to you soon. – unpavedpathphotography.com

    • Hey thanks for getting back. Was thinking of you today as I was working in Surprise near Dell Web Hospital. Sounds like you’re having a great trip! Just posted my 1st moonlight shot the 1st night there. Will be posting the reflection shot of El Capitan we took. Stay in touch. Where you off to now?

      • I’m actually sitting in the Montage Hotel lobby in Beverly Hills with my good friends. Listening to them play. Great times!!! I will get a hold of you when I get back to AZ.

      • Wow. Lucky you! Beverly Hills, what can be better than that! Have fun while us commoners have to go back to work for living!!

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