Quebec City

Restaurant La Cavour in Old Town Quebec City,

Daily Photo:

A great place to get that old time European town feeling close to home is, Quebec City in Canada. It’s French and so much about the town makes you think you are in France, which is great and alot cheaper to get to, than France itself. HDR photography is alot of fun there. You simply park the car and do it all on foot.

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La Cavour, Quebec
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Chateau de la Terrasse, Quebec City

Daily Photo:

For us folks in the U.S., old Quebec City is about as close to European as you can get without going to Europe. That was the motivation to go. Buildings like this one were everywhere and quite colorful and fun to photograph. We pretty much did a walking tour around the entire old city in one day. Sure gives cause to wonder why we carry heavy photo equipment. Too bad they don’t allow donkeys, because I sure in the heck would have liked to have had one.. this day!

Chateau de la Terrasse
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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