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On Snowy Pond, Germany

It’s hard to tell, but it’s snowing. To a lot of folks, that’s not impressive. But to us, having a snowy day on the “Romantic Road” in Germany last fall, was quite fun. Autumn had set in nicely with everything in blazing color, and then the powdery white blanket, finished it off. This little dock was the perfect find. I shot at numerous angles trying to get just the right shot. I didn’t want to leave, but the cold and getting wet finally moved me back to the vehicle. And off we went, on back roads, trying to get lost in this wonderful wanderland.

On Snowy PondDave Morgan-Creative Commons

On Snowy Pond
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Moody Clouds of Crescent Lake, Olympia, Washington

I drove up from Phoenix to Olympia National Park, to attend a 3-day photography seminar. I don’t usually go to photo seminars, but just to get out of Phoenix and get into some old growth forest with waterfalls and lakes and streams, was just the ticket to a long and hot Arizona summer. The trip turned into a 6,ooo mile trek to national parks all over the northwest, including Canada. But that’s another story.

I met a local, one of the teachers, who like myself was itchy to get out and do some more shooting. It was quite cloudy and the sun was setting with no drama to capture. So I said, let’s go down to the lake and just see what happens. The skies to the east were pretty dark, and out of no where they opened up for about 30 seconds. I hurried up and got off some shots, while my friend was still setting up. And that was the end of the light. It pays to be ready, or maybe just lucky.

Got any great ideas of places to travel to this year, let me know.

Moody Clouds of Crescent LakeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Moody Clouds of Crescent Lake
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Rocky Shores of Lake Huron, Michigan

On our trip to Mackinac Island we followed the west shoreline of Lake Huron for just this reason, to hopefully catch stretches of shoreline that were pristine and endless. This golden shore accented by the setting sun and a little photoshop magic helped set the mood I was hoping for.

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Rocky Coast, Lake Huron,Michigan
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Water Fountain Paradise, Arizona

As I travel around Phoenix during the day, realizing we do live in a desert, having a little water spouting out makes it feel more like an oasis instead of this gigantic formidable hot,dry desert wasteland. Fountains and man-made lakes make it seem more tolerable. We travel alot around the world, but it’s always good to get back to Arizona. It seems when the rest of the country is going through hell with hurricanes, tornadoes, and crazy weather, Arizona is calm, blue and mild. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but then, we’re kind of glad it’s not!

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Water Fountain Paradise, Arizona
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Grand Canal of Venice, Italy

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of visiting Venice. It has a history for me, for close by is where I met my wife. Venice became I place where we spent our days walking and talking and looking toward the future and all the great things we were going to do. In those days, it was like going to the mall; shopping, eating, and cruising on the canal. Well, I guess you can’t do that at a mall, so that makes Venice a step up from the mall. Like most places, pictures are great, but you have to experience it, up-close, in person, to really catch the magnitude of just about any place.

We just returned from “The Romantic Road”, in Germany where we spent a week touring castles, medieval towns, magical countrysides, the alps, and snow and autumn blending into a picture-perfect backdrop to a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I’ll be bringing you more photos in the weeks and months to come.

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Grand Canal of Venice

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At Waters Edge, Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco

A view of Oakland Bay Bridge from Embarcadero in downtown San Francisco. A foggy week was replaced with blue skies and warm temperature. The locals came out in groves as did tourist, as did photographers.

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Oakland Bay Bridge
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Golden Gate Bridge from Bakers Beach, San Francisco

Daily Photo:

I was waiting patiently for the two guys sitting on the rocks to move on, but then I took another look and liked how they were seemingly fixated on the bridge. Beautiful summer day, weather was great, and tourist were crawling around the rocks trying to get a better view. Bakers Beach is in my opinion, is one of the better viewpoints for the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Golden Gate from Bakers Beach
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Sunrise at Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

Daily Photo:

One of my favorite spots to photograph in Arizona is the “The Dells”, Prescott, Arizona. The boulders are flung around¬† everywhere making some interesting fun photography. This sunrise shot was one of my 1st, before I started climbing and jumping around different boulders looking for better and better vantage points. I remember taking a leap between a rather deep crevasse and slammed my brand new Canon 16-35mm into the granite wall. It bounced back and slammed me in the nose giving me quite a jolt. The lens managed to stay in one piece, though the sky light filter got bent up pretty good. Saved by a cheap filter. That’s the way to do it!

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Sunride at Watson Lake
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Moon Over The Gold Nugget, Shell Beach, California

Daily Photo:

The golden hues of the sunset on this giant rock or “Sea Stack” of sorts, kind of reminded me of a huge “gold nugget”. I wander if there is one, somewhere buried deep in the earth, waiting to be found. One gold piece that size would make you rich as Bill Gates. I digress.

This beautiful beach we stayed at this summer, is called Shell Beach, which is just north of the infamous party beach-Pismo Beach. We were there a few days before July 4th celebrations and from our room high on the cliffs of Shell Beach, we could watch the R.V’s and campers clamouring through the sand dunes, looking to find a place on the beach to celebrate the 4th. Pismo Beach is one of the few beaches I know of, where you can drive right down on the beach and set up camp. Pretty cool idea.

In 1971, while stationed at Vandenburg Air Base, I had the rare opportunity on Pismo Beach, to see the¬†bioluminescence of phytoplankton, light up the waves and our footprints as we walked. I have never seen it since. I have heard, the Island of Viques, off Puerto Rico, has seen these little “light up in the dark fish”.

More info on Photoplankton-

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Gold Nugget, Shell Beach

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Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Daily Photo:

We picked a great time to visit Lake Tahoe. In early June nobody was there. We were one of the only travelers in our hotel at Kings Beach. We drove around the whole lake and decided we liked the northern and eastern area for photos of sunsets and rock formations, such as the one found in the photo. It was down a path from a residential area that had public access. We found out that folks here don’t take kindly to people trespassing on their property. They paid for the view and they want it all to “themselves”!

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Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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