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Virgin River and The Watchman, Zion National Park, Utah

Daily Photo:

Very famous photo spot in Zion National Park. To get the shot you have to play chicken with the tour busses coming across a bridge you’re standing on, that has no room for you and the bus. I always use a tripod, so as soon as you get your shot framed up and a bus is approaching, you have to hurry up and fold in your tripod and squeeze in at the edge of the bridge and just hope for the best. Obvious they don’t want you there, but wer’e photographers, we’re persisitent and sometimes, always, a bit foolish!

The Watchman, Zion National Park
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Virgin River Moon

Coming down from Jackson Hole, Wyoming,  heading for Salt Lake City, something caught my eye off to the left and I saw this incredible full moon coming up over the Virgin River in Utah. I quickly turned around and headed back up the hill to catch this beautiful moment. Fall colors were painted across the hillsides and pine forest were scattered down through the canyons. The moon reflected across the glimmering water of the Virgin River.

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