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Marginata and Cordyline Plants hugging the foreground in Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii’s outdoor plants are indoor tropical plants in the states. Since my main business is dealing with indoor tropicals, it’s quite a treat to see the plants I work with everyday, in their natural habitat. I love the vivid colors of Hawaii. This photo is “el naturel”.

Daily Photo:

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Marginata & Cordyline on Big IslandDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Marginata & Cordyline on Big Island
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Canoe at Smith’s Polynesian Luau, Kauai

Daily Photo:

Quite the beautiful grounds to stroll on at the Smith’s Polynesian Luau in the Wailua River Valley on Kauai. As the crowds were all heading back to prepare for a sunset meal at the pavilion, I headed the other direction taking advantage of the quiet stillness and people-less areas in the back of the park. Nothing like having the place to yourself as sunset approaches and the photographic opportunities that come with it.

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Canoe at Smith’s Luau
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun, Mexico

Daily Photo:

I don’t think you can find more beautiful and warm waters than they have in Cancun, Mexico. I spent a day going in one big circle, wading through the huge long pool, back across the Caribbean Sea and then the pool again. Cancun is one long white sand beach, with hotels lined up the whole stretch. We’ve stayed at various hotels here, but you never grow tired of peering out into this hypnotizing Caribbean Sea.

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Turquoise Blue of Cancun

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Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park, San Diego

Daily Photo:

On a recent trip this summer to San Diego we stayed at a B&B, just walking distance from this famous park. Everyone knows about the popularity of the San Diego Zoo which is in Balboa Park, but most people miss the beautiful architecture that surrounds the park. Since taking photos of animals is not my thing, wandering around shooting buildings and landscapes is. HDR photography works best when things don’t move, since you have to take multiple pictures and then merge them together. Otherwise you get ghosting and other problems. Usually wind gives you enough problems to deal with and HDR programs provide some latitude for this as long as it is not extreme, like it was on a recent springtime trip to Arches National Park.

Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Lazy Days in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Daily Photo:

In old San Juan, families come out to sit in the square and watch their kids play, just like they would in a park somewhere. We stayed in a hotel overlooking the square, right in the heart of old San Juan. Most visitors usually end up staying in a resort on the beach, but this trip we wanted to be downtown, closer to the normal coming’s and going’s of the locals. I spent the day pretty much walking the entire town, trying to grab the local scene, the typical sites, and the off-the-beaten path kind of shots.

We don’t feed pigeons in Arizona. Most people treat them like pest here and would just as soon eradicate them. I live in a rare community in Arizona that is surrounded by water, so we have a lot of them hanging out. I won’t  be feeding any pigeons. Neighbors don’t take kind to that. So we hop on a plane and go to Venice or Puerto Rico or somewhere where they are treated like nice pest and through out some bird seed.

Lazy Days in Old San Juan
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smith’s Tropic Paradise, Kauai

In Kauai last week, took in a Luau at Smith’s Tropic Paradise. It had beautiful grounds to wander around for hours if you chose. I got there at a great time for photos. The clouds were very dramatic and lighting was perfect. A wedding had just commenced on this bridge, so when everyone cleared out I grabbed a chance to grab a few shots. Fabulous night, weather was perfect and a great spot to spend an evening, if you’re ever on the island of Kauai.

Japanese Bridge at Smith’s Tropic Paradise
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Tropical Brook in Hawaii

Along the loop trail going to Akaka Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii, this small little stream has caught my eye a number of times. You pass over a small bridge and it just catches you. Definitely gives you the feeling of a tropical rain forest. I did a longer exposure to smooth out the water and soften things up a bit. You can almost feel the cool breeze looking at.

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Akaka Falls cascades
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Gazebo, Kona, Hawaii

Daily Post:

Things just seem so colorful in Hawaii. After watching and photographing a fabulous sunset, we wandered around the hotel grounds taken advantage of some night shots. This little gazebo I’m sure, has seen many weddings. A little chapel sits behind us, which I’ll show another day. Some of my favorite times to photograph, is in the evening hours, experimenting with the light and HDR techniques. I get excited when the skies get thick with clouds because it shows off HDR so much more. Let me know how your coming with trying some HDR stuff!

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Gazebo, Kona, Hawaii
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons


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Bamboo Forest, Maui, Hawaii

Daily Photo:

On the road to Hana, on Maui, the hillsides in certain areas are totally covered with bamboo forest. At the “Garden of Eden” arboretum, many varieties of bamboo trees are grown and displayed along beautiful pathways. I don’t remember which bamboo this was, but I thought it was cool enough to get into and take a photo skyward. It made for a neat effect and ended up being one of favorites along way to Hana.

Bamboo Forest, Maui, Hawaii


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Raices Fountain, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Daily Photo:

Walk along the Paseo de la Princesa of Old San Juan and enjoy the sight of the magnificent Raíces Fountain. Famous among lovers who sit and watch the sunset turn the fountain to golds and copper colors. Though I missed out on a colorful sunset, the clouds made up for it, making a great HDR image. Hardly a moment went by without someone sitting on the ledge and throwing a coin in the fountain. Do I hear a song coming on!!

Raices Fountain-San Juan, Puerto Rico
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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