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Stadt Park at Weikersheim Castle, Germany

Spent the past week touring the 385 kilometer “Romantic Road” in Germany. From Frankfurt to King Ludwig II’s fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein near the foothills of the Alps.

This tree-lined park, bright with autumn colors is adjacent to the Weikersheim Castle. This week I took 53 GB’s of photographs along the route hitting as many towns as time would allow. I’ll be sharing more of Germany in the weeks and months to come.

Daily Photo:

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Weikersheim Castle, Germany

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Somewhere in West Virgina

Daily Photo:

I was on my way to Babcock State Park to shoot the Babcock Grist Mill. I saw this river and bridge and had to pull off the road and grab a shot. The beautiful autumn leaves were in full bloom and the distance mountains set it off nicely. Anybody know where I am, let me know. This happens alot when you’re traveling, and just pull over in your car and start shooting.

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Somewhere in West Virginia
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Virgin River and The Watchman, Zion National Park, Utah

Daily Photo:

Very famous photo spot in Zion National Park. To get the shot you have to play chicken with the tour busses coming across a bridge you’re standing on, that has no room for you and the bus. I always use a tripod, so as soon as you get your shot framed up and a bus is approaching, you have to hurry up and fold in your tripod and squeeze in at the edge of the bridge and just hope for the best. Obvious they don’t want you there, but wer’e photographers, we’re persisitent and sometimes, always, a bit foolish!

The Watchman, Zion National Park
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Aspen Grove-Picnic Anyone?

Daily Photo:

When I saw this grove, I just had to get out and walk around in the knee-deep meadow grass. Up in the mountains of Colorado National Park, you occasionally find this kind of paradise and when you do, you savor in the moment. Imagine throwing down a blanket and having a picnic in a place like this. Beautiful crisp mountain air, some fried chicken, being with someone you love, carving your name in an Aspen tree. Don’t know if that’s legal, but it sounds cool!

Aspen Grove-Colorado National Park
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park, San Diego

Daily Photo:

On a recent trip this summer to San Diego we stayed at a B&B, just walking distance from this famous park. Everyone knows about the popularity of the San Diego Zoo which is in Balboa Park, but most people miss the beautiful architecture that surrounds the park. Since taking photos of animals is not my thing, wandering around shooting buildings and landscapes is. HDR photography works best when things don’t move, since you have to take multiple pictures and then merge them together. Otherwise you get ghosting and other problems. Usually wind gives you enough problems to deal with and HDR programs provide some latitude for this as long as it is not extreme, like it was on a recent springtime trip to Arches National Park.

Spanish Architecture at Balboa Park
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Smokey Grand Canyon Sunset

Alaskan Voyage:

It’s been a crazy week traveling up through Alaska and many days no where near any WiFi connection. Lots of rain and cold weather, quite a break from the heat everywhere else. I will be sharing some of the photos from this latest trip in days to come. Meanwhile here’s a photo of a recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

Daily Photo:

Smoke had settled all along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Some say it was from the utility plant up at Page, Az. Others blamed it on the fires in Arizona and Colorado. It created some interesting moods in the canyon below. I took 3 shots to create this image, then merged them in Photomatix. This is pretty much what I saw when I was there. Without HDR, the trees and downed wood would be dark in this photo.

Smoky Grand Canyon Sunset
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Aspen Grove, Wyoming

Autumn comes early in areas of Wyoming. This is a trip I took mid September and colors of fall were everywhere.

I’m on the central coast of California¬†at the moment avoiding the heat of Phoenix shooting sunsets around Pismo Beach, before possibly heading back east. Weather back there is a bit iffy so will see.

Aspen Grove, Wyoming

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Bamboo Forest, Maui, Hawaii

Daily Photo:

On the road to Hana, on Maui, the hillsides in certain areas are totally covered with bamboo forest. At the “Garden of Eden” arboretum, many varieties of bamboo trees are grown and displayed along beautiful pathways. I don’t remember which bamboo this was, but I thought it was cool enough to get into and take a photo skyward. It made for a neat effect and ended up being one of favorites along way to Hana.

Bamboo Forest, Maui, Hawaii


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Redwood Forest, California

Giant and towering redwoods surround you as you weave your way through Humboldt Redwood State Park in northern California. I used a Canon 16-35 mm wide angle lens to catch as much as I could of these incredibly tall trees.

California Redwood Trees
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan


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Walking Bridge to Nowhere, Florida

Daily Photo:

If anyone knows where this is let me know. We were going down the western coast of Florida, somewhere north of Clearwater, when this neat little walking bridge came up during a rest stop. Decided to check it out. It was a walkway that went out to a platform on the swampy inlet waters. I was sure there were alligator nearby waiting for us to accidently fall in. Made for an interesting HDR with the reflection off the water.

Walking Bridge to Nowhere
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan



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