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Wide Open Space at Wall Street, Arches National Park, Utah

You sure feel the majesty of the red rock formations, as you sit and ponder this vast desert vista. A small hiking path beckons you to not sit, but wonder down it’s sandy trails, to wherever it might lead. I heard the call and like millions before me, picked myself up and made my way ever so slowly down into the vistas, I had previous photographed. A picture-perfect moment, a place to forget the troubled world we live in, de-stress and embrace the wind, and the power of nature you feel all around you. A sense of freedom overtakes and you, and you are indeed somewhere special, a place in time you will never forget.

Wide Open Space, ArchesDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Wide Open Space, Arches
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Antelope Slot Canyons, Arizona

This is like entering another world. Slot canyons are on an indian reservation, so you must be escorted onto this private land by a guide who takes you through in groups. I signed up for a photography tour which for the extra money you got extra time and crowd control for the special shots. Well worth the greenbacks to have the space and time to plan your shots.

If you ever go here, spend the extra money for a photography tour and bring a tripod. You’ll be dissappointed if you don’t. And a surgical mask to keep the dust out of your lungs. This shot was taken with 3 photographs at different exposures and then post-processed in Photomatix and Photoshop cs5.

Slot Canyons, Arizona
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Wild Horses-Navajo Country, Arizona

Daily Photo:

They looked friendly enough. They lined up to pose for the stranger who stopped to take their picture. On the route to Lake Powell from Flagstaff you’ll see them roaming through the high desert with the red rock as a backdrop. They scare easy, so I moved slowly and as close as they would let me get. Most of the 20 or so ran off, but these 3 stayed long enough for a quick shot before moving on.

Wild Horses, Arizona

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Arches National Park, Utah

Daily Photo:

I like to take a photo of the rental cars I use when traveling to photo destinations. It’s kinda cool to use an extreme wide angle lens and have some fun warping the shot. This was taken with a 16-35mm Canon lens, my favorite lens for landscapes. Then a little HDR magic to bring out some zip, not that it needed any.

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Rental car in Arches National Park

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Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona

I was the only American on the “Photographer’s Tour”, I booked at Antelope Canyon. This is a major stop for foreign travelers. Everyone wanting to experience these incredible formations. Mostly Germans on my tour and they were excited. They all brought their pro gear and they were ready. I recommend if you ever plan a trip to Page, Arizona to go through the slot canyons, you book with a “photographer’s tour. You’re treated with guides who hold back the crowds so you can have an extra minute or two without crowds getting in your picture. Well worth the extra money. Also, leave the contact lens in your hotel room and bring a dust mask. You will need it!

Antelope Canyon

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