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Waterfalls at Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon

Daily Photo:

Japenese Gardens are always alot of fun to photograph. Portland’s  Japanese Gardens, has one of the most impressive man-made waterfalls I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who designed it, but it definitely is a work of art. The Red Maple trees set it off so colorfully and the water cascades down tiers that look quite natural.

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Waterfalls at Japanese Gardens
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Foot Bridge-Japanese Gardens, Portland Oregon

Daily Photo:

A rainy day in Portland, Oregon. I guess nothing out of the ordinary. I had my assistant hold up an umbrella to keep the camera dry. I didn’t fair so well. But having everything dripping with water made the whole area just glisten, and being from Arizona, this was a special treat..rain is something we hardly ever see. This bridge was busy. Everyone stopped in the middle to take in the view of the pond. I waited and finally got my shot.

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