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All Hands on Deck! Glacier Bay, Alaska

Well maybe not. The rain kind of kept people in while approaching Margerie Glacier. The deck was quite slippery. Good thing we were in a calm bay. On a cruiseship, traveling up through the bays was my favorite part of cruising. You get to see quite a bit, including wildlife up closer. Don’t forget the binoculars!

Daily Photo:

All Hands on DeckDave Morgan-Creative Commons

All Hands on Deck
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Some Town, Somewhere in Ireland

Daily Photo:

These our times when I wish I had a GPS, or something to tell me where I’m at. We had spent the day tirelessly traveling south from Shannon, Ireland to wherever we might end up for the night. We pulled into this picturesque town, got a room and I went out to photograph while it was raining. What could be better then strolling the streets of some Irish town, with no direction in mind, and in the end, not even know what town it is. If you happen to recognize this place, let me know where you think it is. It was a beautiful town!

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Somewhere in Ireland
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Row Boats at Ross Castle, Killarney, Ireland

Daily Photo:

I thought this was a colorful display of boats on the grounds at Ross castle. It was being the normal Ireland and raining, so photographing with an umbrella over your head was a necessity. I think the thing that grabs you in Ireland is how vibrant the greens are.  Makes me want to go back! If it wasn’t for the stress of driving on the opposite side of the road, just maybe.

Row Boats in Killarney
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Creative Commons- Dave Morgan

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Foot Bridge-Japanese Gardens, Portland Oregon

Daily Photo:

A rainy day in Portland, Oregon. I guess nothing out of the ordinary. I had my assistant hold up an umbrella to keep the camera dry. I didn’t fair so well. But having everything dripping with water made the whole area just glisten, and being from Arizona, this was a special treat..rain is something we hardly ever see. This bridge was busy. Everyone stopped in the middle to take in the view of the pond. I waited and finally got my shot.

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