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Lazy Days in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Daily Photo:

In old San Juan, families come out to sit in the square and watch their kids play, just like they would in a park somewhere. We stayed in a hotel overlooking the square, right in the heart of old San Juan. Most visitors usually end up staying in a resort on the beach, but this trip we wanted to be downtown, closer to the normal coming’s and going’s of the locals. I spent the day pretty much walking the entire town, trying to grab the local scene, the typical sites, and the off-the-beaten path kind of shots.

We don’t feed pigeons in Arizona. Most people treat them like pest here and would just as soon eradicate them. I live in a rare community in Arizona that is surrounded by water, so we have a lot of them hanging out. I won’t  be feeding any pigeons. Neighbors don’t take kind to that. So we hop on a plane and go to Venice or Puerto Rico or somewhere where they are treated like nice pest and through out some bird seed.

Lazy Days in Old San Juan
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