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On Snowy Pond, Germany

It’s hard to tell, but it’s snowing. To a lot of folks, that’s not impressive. But to us, having a snowy day on the “Romantic Road” in Germany last fall, was quite fun. Autumn had set in nicely with everything in blazing color, and then the powdery white blanket, finished it off. This little dock was the perfect find. I shot at numerous angles trying to get just the right shot. I didn’t want to leave, but the cold and getting wet finally moved me back to the vehicle. And off we went, on back roads, trying to get lost in this wonderful wanderland.

On Snowy PondDave Morgan-Creative Commons

On Snowy Pond
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Colors of Autumn at Yellowstone National Park

I guess years ago fires ravaged this area as is evident of the scarcity of trees and low lying bushes and scrubs that have taken there place. It made for some interesting fall colors, just creeping along the ground and out into the meadows. I spent quite a bit of time just wandering through the swampy, low lying area. Kind of felt at home in the muck, sort of speak.

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Light House near Sitka, Alaska

You truly feel like you’re at the top of the world, in Alaska. Everything there is larger than life, raw and wild. Heading back out to the Inside Passage from Sitka, you pass Rockwell Lighthouse. The area is peppered with small islands underneath towering mountains to the south. The cloud formations constantly moving, constantly changing, perfect for HDR-type shots. I think I could spend days traveling around and photographing this beautiful corner of the world. My second trip here and it only gets better each visit.

Daily Photo:

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Rockwell Lighthouse

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Sentinel Dome,Yosemite National Park

A nice vigorous mile hike to get to the top of Sentinel Dome to catch the sunset light of this 8,122 ft high hill. From this high point you can see 360 degrees around all of Yosemite. Quite invigorating and worth the trip.

Daily Photo:

This photo was taken atop of Sentinel Dome looking west, with 3 photos of different exposure, than sent through Photomatix and Photoshop CS5 and Topaz for post-processing.

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Sentinel Dome, Yosemite
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Reflections of El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, Ca

Daily Photo:

It was one of those, “I wonder if I can get the whole thing in the picture” moments. El Capitan was huge in front of me as I searched for a possible spot to catch a mirror image in the stream. The other challenge was I knew I had to be on a bit higher ground for the reflection in the water to line up correct. I saw an embankment further down the stream with still water in front of it and thought it might work, so I headed for it. Got up on top of the ledge and, wallah, it was a perfect spot. With my wide angle lens stretched out to the max I framed up the perfect picture reflection of El Capitan. As a landscape photographer, you get excited when it all comes together. I used a 16-35mm canon lens to capture this shot. Three images were taken and then merged into Photomatix, then post-processed in Topaz and CS5.

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Reflections of El Capitan
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Autumn in Yellowstone National Park

Daily Photo:

Since we are getting into fall hear in the U.S., I thought I would share some fall photos for the next few days. I’m preparing to head out to Yosemite National Park, and if all goes well, I can stay in touch, when I can find Wi-Fi in the mountains. It’s kind of iffy, but we’ll see.

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Autumn in Yellowstone
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Mounthaven Resort, Rainier, Washington

I’ve stayed at this resort a couple of times over the past few years and we almost stayed again a few weeks ago while traveling through Washington. We ended up in Issaqua instead. But this neat little cabin in the woods is just outside the entrance to Rainier National Park. Each evening the local deer in the area wander onto the grounds and the owners feed them and the tourist grab their cameras and get an up-close shot with some local wildlife. I found it convenient to get an early start in the park for some great shots, before the sun popped over the hills.

Mounthaven Resort, Washington
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Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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St Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

Daily Photo:

It was getting near sunset and I had my doubts about trekking on a 1 mile hike out to St Mary Falls, alone. This is Wyoming, wild bear country and I have a fear about bears. I’ve run into them face-to-face before, seen them on many trails and I’m not fond of it. I never ventured out this late in the day, but I knew this would be the perfect time to catch a good shot of the falls. An Asian couple was speeding by me and I ask if I could tag along. We made it to the falls in record time. They wanted to snap a quick picture and head back. I convinced them to hang out for a little while so I could get my gear set up and snap a few different perspectives. They lasted for about 5 minutes and I did not want to be left behind, so I packed it in and we headed back. It doesn’t take much to spook yourself when you’re traveling alone. This stop was late in the season and they were closing Glacier National Park for the winter in just a few days. I was on a 6000 mile, two month journey to hit all the National Parks in the Northwest, including some in Canada. I kept moving south and autumn was coming in full bloom. I’ll share some of those another time.

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Canadian Rockies Alpine Lake

Touring through the Canadian Rockies, around Glacier National Park abounds in Alpine lakes.  We traveled from Vancouver, British Columbia across the mountains over to Calgary staying on the Trans Canadian Highway 1 most of the way. By mid-September it was already cooling quite a bit, something us Arizonians are not use to, so it was time to head south.

Canadian Rockies Alpine Lake
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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