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A Rare Snowy Superstition Mountains

There I was, minding my own business when a friend of mine called and said,” You have to come out here right away and photograph the most incredible sight you’re ever going to see. It’s snowing on the cactus in my backyard”! Well he lives right at the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. His backyard¬† edges to the preserve. I grabbed my gear and jumped in my car and drove east, watching the snow melting and disappearing, right before my eyes. I got there soon enough to catch a few melting cactus plants with the snowy mountains in the background. This is indeed a rare sight for us desert rats and we get a little crazy when it snows. This may well be our last winter storm. Let’s hope not, cause we can use the moisture.

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It's Snowing on the SuperstitionsDave Morgan-Creative Commons

It’s Snowing on the Superstitions
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Cruisin’ Through Glacier Bay, Alaska

I don’t think I’ve felt farther from civilization, then I felt in Glacier Bay, Alaska. It’s like you get a flat tire there, you’re gonna be eaten by wolves. Well being on a cruiseship, it could break down. I guess that’s not a bad thing. By the time you eat up all the food, another cruiseship is barreling through. You might get a little tired of the entertainment.

Not many people go out on deck, when cruising in Alaska. The air, even in the summer is quite cold, when the boat is moving. But the scenery is like nowhere else in the world. My guess is the only place close, would be up in Sweden and Norway, through the fjords, and down in New Zealand through Fjordland. Got to put those on my bucket list.

Daily Photo:

Glacier Bay, AlaskaDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Glacier Bay, Alaska
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Towering Plateaus in the forefront of Snow-capped La Sal Mountains in Utah

Leaving Arches National Park heading for Grand Junction, Colorado I spotted these towering plateaus, and just had to stop and grab a photo. They’re so majestic, I decided to wander out into the high desert pasture to grab a quick shot. I noticed some bulls off to the left of me, so I knew I shouldn’t wander to far away from the safety of the barbed wire fence. After a stare-down and nostrils flaring, that was my cue to get out of there.

Daily Photo:

High Desert Plateaus under La Sal Mountains, UtahDave Morgan-Creative Commons

High Desert Plateaus under La Sal Mountains, Utah
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, California

The frigid clear waters of Lake Tahoe are surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This alpine lake is a natural, as it gets it water primarily from snow melt. Tour Boats come and go daily to this Cove. We hiked for what seemed like miles down to Vikingsholm Mansion. This photo was taken on the beach in front of the mansion. How would you like to wake up to this view everyday?

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Emerald Bay, Lake TahoeDave Morgan-Creative Commons

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Half Moon Sunset, Yosemite National Park

Daily Photo:

Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, is a great spot for photographing the high sierras with the big half rock or known as “Half Moon” in the foreground. I decided to give the photograph an aged flair, of what it might look like after sitting in a lost box of photos taken back in the 30 or 40’s. I occasionally get request to fix old photos of the past with the red pigment showing all that’s remaining.

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Half Moon from Glacier Point
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Somewhere in West Virgina

Daily Photo:

I was on my way to Babcock State Park to shoot the Babcock Grist Mill. I saw this river and bridge and had to pull off the road and grab a shot. The beautiful autumn leaves were in full bloom and the distance mountains set it off nicely. Anybody know where I am, let me know. This happens alot when you’re traveling, and just pull over in your car and start shooting.

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Somewhere in West Virginia
Dave Morgan-Creative Commons

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Lower Cotton Canyon-Fall Foliage, Utah

Daily Photo:

There was a blanket of snow that had fallen overnight in this canyon. I took off up the canyon hoping to get some snow in the photos. It was melting fast, but fortunately I was able to get some in the photos I took. The colors of fall were vivid in Utah this paricular year and I had a blast traveling up and down each canyon looking for the shots. Usually you think of back east when it comes to fall colors, but Utah gives them a run for their money.

Lower Cotton Canyon, Utah
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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Virgin River and The Watchman, Zion National Park, Utah

Daily Photo:

Very famous photo spot in Zion National Park. To get the shot you have to play chicken with the tour busses coming across a bridge you’re standing on, that has no room for you and the bus. I always use a tripod, so as soon as you get your shot framed up and a bus is approaching, you have to hurry up and fold in your tripod and squeeze in at the edge of the bridge and just hope for the best. Obvious they don’t want you there, but wer’e photographers, we’re persisitent and sometimes, always, a bit foolish!

The Watchman, Zion National Park
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Dave Morgan- Creative Commons

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A New Year’s Sunset in Arizona

Wow!! 90 Daily Post and counting!

I took it as a challenge to try and post one photo each day of a journey I’ve taken somewhere in the world in the last few years. About 80% of the photos I post are HDR. I feel there is a story behind each photo and most of the time I let the photo tell most of the story. Though landscapes are my passion, I occasionally wander off into other styles. I travel frequently and my goal is to share with you some of the special places I have visited and hope you find some that can end up on your bucket list. This week I’m photographing some special spots around San Diego and will be bringing them to you soon. Exciting destinations are also planned this summer. Stay tuned and thanks to all for visiting.

Daily Photo:

Each year a buddy of mine throws a New Year’s Party up next to the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix in Arizona. Each year as luck would have it there are spectacular sunsets. He lives on the edge of a preserve that is the foothills of what is pretty much a desert wilderness. As it gets dark you hear the coyotes in the distance and you’re looking over your shoulder for mountain lions that have been spotted frequently enough in the area. My friend starts summoning me back to the party, saying, “It’s not safe out there alone after dark”. I yell back,”Not before I get my shot”! He never goes out beyond his property without a gun. My only weapon is a tripod with a camera attached. It gets creepy after dusk so I head back with hopefully some good shots. You be the judge, but one thing is for sure can’t beat those Arizona sunsets!

New Years Sunset in Arizona
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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Canadian Rockies Alpine Lake

Touring through the Canadian Rockies, around Glacier National Park abounds in Alpine lakes.  We traveled from Vancouver, British Columbia across the mountains over to Calgary staying on the Trans Canadian Highway 1 most of the way. By mid-September it was already cooling quite a bit, something us Arizonians are not use to, so it was time to head south.

Canadian Rockies Alpine Lake
Creative Commons-Dave Morgan

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